Christopher Flossman

Chris Flossman a Green Party activist and former Parliamentary candidate is a monumental cunt who is so far up his own arse that his first instinct when children are blown to pieces is to make out the Tories are worse and therefore the real enemy we should focus our attention on. and deflect from the threat of radical Islam.CUNT CUNT CUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A post on his social media yesterday (supplied to me by a friend as the cunt blocked me):

“:Ugh, Im sorry. but these Conservative posts about sympathy for victims of the Manchester attack, but wtf.
Conservatives: your government has killed more people in benefit sanctions than this attack. does the nature of their deaths somehow make them worthy of sympathy, than those you’ve killed in the cold and the dark away from cameras?
honestly, the way people are able to divide their sympathy on this is imo evil. being reflective on this, I suspect that this is because people cannot comprehend death by social infirmity. I have seen children wither away on dialysis, life shutting down before their eyes. just in the same way as people with depression, ill health, and old age, are isolated and executed by a benefit system designed to kill them.”

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead

Old Jug Ears

Prince Charles visits Cumbria

His Royal Cuntishness Charles, Prince of Wales, expects us to believe he doesn’t want to be King. Like fuck he doesn’t! Wouldn’t put it past him to push the old girl down the stairs at Buck House.

Mind you, who wants a tree hugging, womanising old scrote like him in the top job anyway? And Queen Camilla – fuck that! Well, actually I wouldn’t but you know what I mean.

Tonight’s the night. We need a guy for the bonfire.

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