George Soros

I would like to give a well overdue cunting to George Soros.

Mr Sore-ass is the man behind the thrones, presidents, premiers and governments across the world. With billions in monopoly money, to play with, he has and still does influence politics and society. He carries more clout than the two Tyson’s combined, Mike and Fury.

The billionaire once said in an interview in 2010 he felt he is the Chosen One. He believes he is some kind of god.

This is the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992, forcing the UK out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism. Black Wednesday, as it became known, wasn’t black for him as he bagged over one billion pounds on the day. His greed backfired though, since the UK’s exit meant it did not join the Euro currency some years later. As a fan of European integration, it was a blow.

He was active in the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 which kicked off in Thailand then spread to Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Brazil. Ending with Indonesia where 5000 people died in violent civil unrest. In 1998 he trashed the Hong Kong market. His handiwork has spread far and wide disrupting or destroying economies.

He donated $6 billion to the Democratic National Convention and Killarys election campaign. His charities under the banner of the Open Society Foundations have donated to 56 groups including Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood and many wimmins groups who “spontaneously” protested against The Donald recently. He has given billions to 187 political activist groups including those above.

He was behind the Arab Spring and other revolutions across the world including several in Eastern Europe. He openly admits he enjoys “regime change”. Isn’t that what the CIA call it too? Didn’t work out too well for most countries on the receiving end of this special treatment.

At 86 years of age he gets a buzz out of social experimentation. Inciting unrest and chaos across the world he manipulates nations – a monied megalomaniac.

All the Bond villains rolled into one, Goldfinger, Blofeld and SPECTRE are no match for him. Nations and their peoples are pawns on his oversized chess board to match his oversized ego. By pulling the strings of elected leaders and unelected dictators he is the master puppeteer.

Open borders and globalisation are his aims. Purportedly, levelling the playing field for the masses, on a global scale. Of course, not too level, so as to be fair and equal, since some are always more equal than others. Power corrupts.

His vision of socialism (or is it fascism?) he hopes, will lead to his utopian world. Welcome to his Brave New World. However, for the majority, a life more reminiscent of The Hunger Games, The Running Man and Robocop – amongst other Hollywood dystopian epics – would be the reality. A world run by private corporations – of his choosing – like Omni Consumer Products in Robocop.

If all goes to plan, billions are to be made by the Chosen One and his cohorts. For the rest of us, it is do as he says, not as he does.

Well Mr Sore-ass, for too long, you have been pissing in our pockets and telling us it’s raining.

Nominated by Mike Oxard

Sir Philip Dilley


Philip Cunt Dilley has been basking in the sun in Barbados whilst the people of the UK have been deluged and flooded out of their homes and livelihoods. “So what?” you ask. Well, I’ll tell you.

Dilley is the head of the Environment Agency. He earns £100,000 a year for a three day week part time job. Nice work if you can get it and Dilley certainly has! OK, so he’s been on holiday but should he have cut it short and returned home to take charge? More to the point should he have gone in the first place as it was already happening when he left?

Dilley thinks so. He emerged from his home in Marylebone to be greeted by a group of journalists apparently eager to hear about his trip to Barbados. “Did you have a nice holiday?” a reporter asked, while another following him questioned whether a beach was “the best place to be managing this crisis from”.

Dilley’s response? “I’ve been in very close contact with a whole number of people,” a tanned Sir Philip said as he walked down the road. “Everybody can’t be everywhere at the same time. I think we’ve been very effective and efficient in what we’ve been doing. There’s obviously some lessons to learn and we’ll follow those through.” One of those lessons might be not to fuck off on holiday during a crisis. Another might be to cut it short when a national crisis is in progress…

More surprisingly is that when he eventually went oop norf to survey the damage, the locals didn’t drown the fucker!

And that Liz Truss is a cunt too for not sacking him.

Nominated by: Dioclese



Don’t get me started on those fucking Yanks!

Gotta love the fact they have a World Series (Baseball) but as far as I know it is only for US & Canadian teams, fucking cunts.

And they always go on about VIP’s (very important player) and Hall Of Famers.

The US are the biggest shower of cunts on the planet

Nominated by: Boaby

Some Yanks are alright – but not the ones who start up their cars by remote control under my bedroom window at 5:15 am and then fuck off back inside to finish their coffee while the engine warms up.

The cunts don’t even live here. They work at the local airbase and rent our houses thereby pricing the locals out of the market

Why can’t they just fuck off back to their own country? If they behaved like that back home, some cunt would shoot them…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Sharm El Sheikh tourists


Sharm El Sheikh is a cunt – not the place as it is a cunt infested shithole anyway. But the cunts that pack into the cheapest deal possible to get to a beach, facebook selfies of them eating 2 cent burgers and kababs, but not then wander why they cant get home as some raghead has taken out 240 souls switching bags at the airport.

And blaming the charter cheap airline, airport employees, the UK and in fact anyone but themselves, that they cannot get home.

Egypt. It started the Arab Spring, its overthrown a government, jailed Media who try to prove what cunts the are, Sharm has had a terrorist bomb PRIOR to ISIS but cunts love it as its cheap and its sunny.

Heres some advice for these people. Its cheap for a reason – and though you say you feel as safe there as you do in the Tube of London, here is the price for not going to a normal part of the world for a safe holiday.

Your kids will hate you from now on as well.

Fuck Egypt, Fuck Sharm El Sheik and any person that goes there.

Nominated by: King Cunt

Tony Blair [7]


I pray leave to move for an emergency motion under UN charter 666 to nominate the Cunt Tony Blair as being a shameless shitting himself lying spinning cunt.

You will have heard him attempt a pre emptive strike in lieu of the forthcoming Chilcunt report which will almost certainly criticise him for misleading Parliament, or at least it should if it is doing its job. He is sorry for acting on ‘Intelligence which was wrong about Saddams possession of WMD’ apparently. Well hold on right there. You see Blair you lying cunt, in actual fact there was no intelligence wrong or otherwise which claimed Saddam still possessed WMD. This was established during Alistair Campbells testimony in which he was unable to pinpoint what item of intelligence justified your bold assertion to Parliament that such possession was ‘beyond doubt’.

As a lawyer you know full well the import of such a phrase and you used it without justification. You lied in other words. If you had any intelligence which claimed this and which you acted on in good faith and which subsequently transpired to be wrong then you could be forgiven. But the fact is there was none. You are spinning a crock of shite today as if that was the case.

Fuck you , despite joining the Paedophile ridden Catholic church your concience is still eating you up as you look like a fucking skull.

Nominated by: Vermin Cunt Spotter