Tony Blair [15]

Yes yet again the Motherfucker Supreme has delivered another sermon on the mount.

Interesting that he has had his chat-ette the day elderly cunt Vince Cable has announced his *movement for moderates* (and also suggested that he will not be staying for the long haul as leader of the LibDumbs).

Notice Blair is using his most *pleading* i.e. pansified voice. Could it possibly be that the grasping, opportunistic wankstain has now tacitly accepted that Brexit will happen and instead of replacing piss-artist Juncker, which would be impossible for him after that, Blair sees his second coming as leader of the new *moderate* party? (the new SDP and we all remember what happened to that).

I am glad I am not a moderate if only so I don’t have to entertain the idea of Blair and Mangledbum talking down at me.

Why don’t these old has beens (especially Blair) just fuck off with their ill-gotten gains and shut the fuck up.

Nominated by W.C.Boggs

Tony Blair (14)

I see we are awash with excellent cuntings of unworthy cunts of the deepest dye, but here’s yet another attempt. No, that isn’t Elton John again. It’s worse.

What have the following cunts in common? Apart from being certifiable cunts, that is:

Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw, Neil Kinnock, Jack Straw, Rushanara Ali, Tulip Siddiq, Nick Clegg, Paddy Ashdown, Caroline Lucas and Sir David Amess

Give in? They all aggregated (as particles of sewage do) to ” drum up publicity for a campaign to tackle uncorrected poor vision, which affects 900 million Commonwealth citizens who do not have access to glasses”

Leaving aside the issue of supplying poor N’Tossa with glasses in order for him to find his way to the polluted well twenty miles from his hut, and the unlikelihood that the Tony Blair Institute for Tony Blair will do anything other than collect a rakeoff from the proceeds of the campaign in order to manage…something unspecified…, what is this really about? Beating river blindness, glaucoma and macular degeneration? Improving peoples’ vision? Or improving yesterdays’ politicians’ visibility?

What a carefully-chosen collection of laughing-up-their-sleeves, semicriminal and stratospheric cunts. Several of whom could fund the entire project out of petty cash without needing to bother the charitable public, who might then want to sort some problems a lot nearer home with their money.

What am I cunting here? The Clearly campaign, which agreed to allow its name to be besmirched by this bucket of bleeding-heart cunts, and is thus infected with antibiotic-resistant cunt.

Nominated by Komodo

Tony Blair [13]

Tony Blair again. This time ‘Brexit will harm NI peace process’ Is there fuck all Brexit cant be blamed for? And by this discredited, odious cunt? If the peace is so fragile then it obviously isn’t worth a wank.
He has sorted out peace in the middle east, assisted tyrants to full democracy and offered his services to any cause that pays enough. His talents are prodigious. In his own head that is. Cunt.

The bogtrotters are shitting themselves over us leaving as it will hit their trade hard. Pity our pig thick negotiators didn’t take our position of strength on board.

Nominated by Cunstable Cuntbubble

He’s been cunted many times, but he needs a special Christmas cunting for polluting the airwaves on Radio 4 (The World At One ) yesterday – he is an overpaid, underworked dishonest, fantasizing, lazy, decrepit, greedy, troublemaking oily heap of shit. He still wants Brexit reversed because he is as much up the arse of Juncker as he was George W. Bush. He seems to believe he is some sort of Messiah (when he is more than just a naughty boy). He is a self-serving, opportunistic motherfucker who would grovel to anybody who could help him get power again.

He looks, sounds and behaves like a raddled old queen.

Blair you cunt fuck off back to your dictators to give your shit advice to, and take your group of ageing crawling cocksuckers with you.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Tony Blair [12]

Tony B.Liar is the pinnacle of cuntishness!

Wickle Timmy Farron has nothing on this cunt in the cunt stakes!

From 1997-2007 this cunt ruined the UK and who only got out when he did because he probably had the “inside line” on the impending world financial collapse. Snakey cunt!

When Labour took over in 1997 – under this cunt – the Connies had left the economy in a decent state. When the Connies (and LibDem hangers on) got back in, Captain Scarlet (Alistair mono-brow Darling) left a note in the treasury dispatch box: “Good luck! There’s nothing left!”

That is the disaster that was “New Labour” with the “Old Labour” mantra of borrow-spend-borrow-spend…repeat.

I have no issue with public spending when it is to serve the whole of society with infrastructure projects and the like but “New Labour” spending was a master class in pissing money away on pointless exercises and – most gauling of all – the undeserving! Don’t want to work? Fine “New Labour” will provide by taxing folk prepared to work and then borrowing from the state when other people’s money had run out!

Instead of forcing lazy cunts into work to do these jobs that “nobody else wants to do” with a carrot and/or stick (whichever you prefer) legislation of “no work, no money” he instead allowed the bone idle to live well courtesy of Benefits Britain.

However some cunt needed to do these jobs and so that was easily solved – courtesy of “New Labour” – by letting every other cunt from the EU backwoods come over and do them!

Who cares if we overburden housing, education and the NHS in the long term…not our Tony that’s for sure. And here we are with the immigration nightmare that we have now – all under the tenure of the Right Horrible Tony B.Liar!

Now this cunt is back and looking to get back into ruining the country’s economy all over again. And all so he, and his untrustworthy mob of hangers-on, can sup at the teat of the EU!

That’s all this is B.Liar YOU CUNT! You didn’t give a shit about this country during your tenure, you care less about it now (interfering with democracy), this is all about lining your pockets, the pockets of your minions and your QC wife at the expense of ordinary folk fed up with cunts like YOU! Cunts like EU!!!

Hey Tony, why don’t you just fuck right off with your interference and give this country a chance to be great in its own right again without having to pander and cowtow to those uber-cunts in the EU!

No one wants to see your miserable fucking face on TV let alone anywhere near the House of Commons or House of Lords, so please take this as a friendly hint from a hard-working average Joe, FUCK OFF YOU CUNT! You’re no longer welcome in any political capacity in this country. Cunt!

Nominated by Rebel without a cunt

After beavering away behind the scenes to derail brexit I see ISAC hall of famer Blair has popped his head over the parapet, according to him the EU would do a deal on freedom of movement as long as we stayed in the EU?, a clear effort at divide and conquer, FMOP was a big driver for the leave vote and blairs intimation that the EU would do a deal is cynical and has Brussels dabs all over it, i personally I don’t buy into any of it….

Nominated by Quislings

I believe that Tony Blair is the biggest cunt alive.

There are evil cunts on a par with him but they eventually go away.
Some voluntary, but not this cunt.

Saying brexit nearly made him reenter politics, but he never, so why is he discussing brexit with EU leaders ?
Also, i find it patronizing that he thinks we’re that thick that this mass murderer and all round bad guy thinks we need him to save us from ourselves.

Tony Blair, biggest cunt alive.
Maybe ever ?

Nominated by Birdman

Tony Blair (11)

Mr Tony Blair runs a well oiled machine..He is slick and he has all the skills that are required to ease back into the limelight. He can purchaser’s power, he can pull strings, and above all, he can rely upon the support of the Braun Cow of Deutschland.

The trivial matter of a British electorate who are diametrically opposed to Blair’s return will NOT hinder this mans progress.
Democracy will be set aside , a fanfare will sound, and the Different”Hosannah”, and the laying of palm fronds will herald the arrival of the antichrist.

Votes and demonstrations will not stop this man, he is evil incarnate. A “cunting” no matter how well deserved is quite insufficient in this mans case, only a visit from the “peaceful ones” can end his reign.

Isis….Isis…where are you now?

Nominated by asimplearsehole