Tony Blair [19]

In accordance with the sound principle that some cunts can never be cunted enough, I’d like to offer a ‘stick the EU flag up your arse’ nomination for Tone ‘the Remoan’ Blair.

‘Mr Dodgy Dossier’ is always good for a soundbite in his increasingly desperate attempts to stay relevant. Speaking recently at a Reuters news event, he whined on yet again that Brexit was a huge, horrible mistake by the people of Britain. ‘I’m very sad about it’, bleated the world’s biggest bellend. ‘I’m afraid that no one will ever convince me that Brexit is anything other than a total and complete disaster’.

A total and complete disaster, huh? Well as the old saying goes, it takes one to know one. The EU is staggering under the weight of massive economic problems, ever-increasing Euroscepticism, not to mention a growing migration crisis, and appears to be wracked by tensions and in-fighting. I reckon it likely that more and more people in the UK are realising that we pulled out in the nick of time.

They probably all wish that Bliar’s old man had done the same. What a fucking cock.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

And Quick Draw McGraw chimed in with this:

Brexit is a total and complete disaster for Blair, because it completely fucks his ambition of being the EU President, a job he’s wanted since leaving Downing Street. Like all hardcore remainer’s Blair is, as they say in the US, butt hurt. We voted the way we wanted to, rather than the way Blair and the other traitors expected us to, and now they’re all throwing a tantrum.

Tony Blair (18)


A limp-wristed-Qweer-Charmer-Is-My-Hero cunting please, for the former Prime Minister and Britain’s favourite ballerina, A. Blair, who like that other demented old has-been David Beckham, just can’t leave the stage.

This time the effete elder statesman is giving Boris his ‘advice’ on Covid 19 – that testing is the “only way out” of the lockdown:

Of course, you can see why the prancing old queen has come mincing out of the woodwork. His little crush, Starmer, is likely to assume the leadership of his tottering party this week, and if Blair can vouchsafe advice to the current Prime minister, he will have no qualms doing it for this Blairite mini-me.

If Blair wants to give out advice, his best bet would be to become an agony aunt for a poofters magazine, giving advice on anything from medical problems like arse grapes to relationship advice (survivor of an abusive marriage to wee Gordon) and his specialist subject – makeup advice for elderly queens.

The biggest cunt in Britain stopped being PM 13 years ago. Now he just needs to shut the fuck up.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Tony Blair (17)

Good afternoon. This is IsAC’s political correspondent Ron Knee, about to bring you the result of the latest referendum, which of course is awaited with huge excitement and interest the length and breadth of the nation.
You’ll recall that the ballot paper required a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to the following question;


Polling during the run-up to the vote has indicated that the outcome was unlikely to be favourable to Mr Blair. It must also be said that his comments on Brexit which have immediately preceded the vote have probably not added to his popularity. Speaking at an event at King’s College London, Mr Blair claimed that if still PM, he would have ‘united the country’, after stopping Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Unbelievable as it may seem, Mr Blair is of the opinion that after traitorously ignoring the result of Britain’s greatest ever exercise in democracy, he could then have dealt ‘with all the problems that persuaded voters to vote leave’ in the first place. Yes, Blair would single-handedly have persuaded the bloated, undemocratic EU to reform itself root and branch; being in orbit around planet Zog, Blair still believes in the quaint notion that turkeys will actually vote for Christmas. Luckily for us, fellow cunters, we know that in spite of vicious and determined attempts by the establishment to overturn the referendum result, events in December 2019 proved that we still live in a country where the will of the majority can prevail. Indeed, I can now confirm that the latest result has been declared, and as IsAC’s man on the spot, I have the honour to announce to the nation that it is as follows;

Yes: 60,872,947
No: 1 *

So, there you have it. The astonishingly out-of-touch, arrogant and delusional Mr Blair has been formally declared an utter cunt by an absolutely crushing majority. Without doubt, Blair is now Britain’s most irrelevant politician, so completely last century’s man.
Off you go then Tone. You’re talking, but only to yourself. Nevertheless you can take some consolation from the fact that you’ve at least succeeded in uniting the nation in one respect. EVERYONE fucking well loathes YOU.

This is Ron Knee, for IsAC, returning you to the studio.

*It has been officially confirmed by Mr Blair that he voted ‘no’.

Nominated by Ron Knee

Tony Blair (16)

A ‘Carry On Camping’ cunting please, for the old queen of New Labour, who has been shouting his be-lipsticked mouth off yet again, about how stupid us Brexiteers are:

Oooh, get the madam! The corrupt old bastard is clearly desperate to become Chief Commissioner of the EU, so he can screw even more money out of the Fourth Reich than he ever did from plain old Westminster fiddling.

It begs the question though why this raddled old cunt still thinks we need his advice about anything. It has been argued, even by Remainers, that it was Blair’s fetish for immigration that made many people vote to leave.

It also proves how irrelevant Steptoe is – he makes out that he will be impartial and will negotiate a deal, but with all the old poofters and BAME Labour MPs (most of them will be back because they have safe seats) screaming they don’t want Brexit, how can Corbyn even pretend there might be a chance of breaking free?

As for Blair, I just wish the old mincer would fuck off somewhere with his ugly wife and count his money.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs