Paris Lees


Paris Lees “y’know” needs to be cunted. Saw her on last QT – jeez what an inarticulate, uneducated bitch? I had to google her to see what her claim to fame is and it turns out s/he’s a transgender- go Beeb. Comes over as thick as pig shit.

Once her 15 minutes are up she should fuck off to Thailand or somewhere equally liberal.

Nominated by: Frottom

Charlotte Church [2]


Millionaire Charlotte Church had a go at somebody for ‘being a comfortable millionaire with an opinion…’ Well, that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?
From a millionaire tart who can never shut the fuck up…

Is she really that stupid or just an out and out cunt? Probably both…. The silly Welsh slag should go into comedy, as she’s fucking hilarious…

Nominated by: Norman

Charlotte Church was on Question Time last week spouting off that one of the reasons behind the rise of ISIS in Syria is climate change/drought. Didn’t see it myself, but I can well believe she’d talk shite!

Shut your fucking bone shute you welsh cunt!

Nominated by: Lou Smorrels

George Claudiu Albu


George Claudiu Albu is a massive, massive cunt.

The gutless coward piece of shit decided to use the backstreets of Notting hill as his own private racetrack in about £25k worth of second hand Bentley when he hit a stationary council gardener’s van that had broken down in the road.

The poor fucker that was driving the van happened to be responsibly ushering traffic around the stricken motor when the Romanian faggotwing wannabe gangster rammed into the van, crushing the gardener between the two cars.

So, what did big gay George do?

Did he call an ambulance? Nope.

Did he try and administer first aid? Nope.

Did he do a runner with his shirtless boyfriend, leaving the engine running, the car leaking fluids and the stereo blaring gangsta (c)rap while his unfortunate victim lay dying in the road. Oh yes.

What a grade ‘A’ cunt of monumental proportions.

But then any overly aggressive, thick as pigshit, roid-rage bodybuilder cunt with ‘Thug life’ tattooed accross its belly and ‘Outlaw’ tattooed on its arm will most likely be the less than proud owner of a non- functioning microcock and would probably have done the same.

Personally I hope he gets life inside and spends it catching AIDS as the spunk sponge to a gay muslim child rapist gang….

And then gets deported back to Romania to have the whole life sentence / spunk sponge arrangement repeated.

He deserves nothing more, nothing less.

Nominated by: Odins Balls

Bono [8]

"I've got loadsamoney !!!"

“I’ve got loadsamoney !!! All tax free…”

That cuntpig fucktard Bono desperately needs cunting for a record eighth time.
( Happy to oblige… Ed.)

Over the weekend the cunt predictably waded into the so-called “refugee crisis” by lecturing his Italian audience on the subject: “We don’t know what the answer to the refugee crisis in Europe and Africa is, but we know that if we don’t figure it out, then Europe, which is a beautiful idea, will be no more. So we have to figure it out, whatever it is.”

How about you shut the fuck up until you have something more insightful to say, you speccy cunt? Or even better, how about you do something to draw attention to the atrocity of massive, systematic tax evasion and avoidance which robs the exchequer of much needed funds? Didn’t think so – you wouldn’t want to shit on your own doorstep, would you? Fucking hypocritical cunt.

I’d also like to cunt every single person who has ever bought a U2 record or a ticket to see U2 live. And furthermore I’d like to cunt the cunt who owns the glasses shop whose only two customers are Bono and Yoko Ono.

Nominated by: Fred West

Cunts in boats


I hate cunts in boats. I’ve always hated cunts in boats. Only cunts with horses have found a faster way of pissing money up the wall…

And now there’s a different variety of cunts in boats – fucking Africa refugee cunts on boats with a sprinkling of ISIS fighters mixed in for good measure. Blockade the African coast. Take the cunts off in landing craft and dump them back on a beach in Africa. Then sink their fucking boats or give ’em to Flaxen Saxon and let him have a bonfire – preferably with the owners still inside them.

Anyone thick enough to pay wads of money to try to cross the Med in one of these things has to be fucking thick as two short planks and needs to be eradicated from the gene pool – so maybe just sink the cunts. That’ll stop ’em!

Fucking yatchies are the worst. Arrogant, pompous, supercilious cunts the lot of ’em. Boats should be banned and any cunt who owns one deserves to have it sunk. Or to be deporting to ISIS…

Nominated by : Dioclese