Theresa May [10]

Theresa May is the most incompetent cunt ever to hold the position of PM.

Leaving aside the budget before last, the election campaign and the clueless weak minded negotiations with the EU and ‘how much money do you want’, we have the latest fuck up. Making NI different to the rest of the UK was the stupidest fucking cave -in of all time.

Does she not think of consequences? Apart from the DUP obviously (to all but May) not wearing it what did she think the response would be from Scotland and probably Wales? The Krankies would be all over it like a fucking rash with cries of ‘me too’. This is what they were asking for all along. The sheepshaggers would also chance their arm, although the Welsh population might think differently.

We have a choice between incompetent Tories and incompetent Marxists. Both parties headed up by incompetent cunts. Is it beyond the wit of this woman to get someone to think things through for her?
Theresa May. Useless, humourless, incompetent cunt.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(London, Scotland and Wales have already said they want the same concession)

Theresa May’s government

Can’t stand the thought of our esteemed Prime Monster not being represented on The Wall of Cunt sitting there with only 9 nominations, so here’s a well deserved tenth!

What the flying fuck does she think she’s doing over Brexit. The daft tart is now going to chuck FORTY FUCKING BILLION of taxpayer’s (thats you and I folks) money at the Fourth Reich to “unlock trade talks”. FFS does she not realize that the more we offer, the more they’ll demand!?!

If this is being a “bloody difficult woman” then I’m a transgender half caste disabled wooftah! Do a Thatcher, woman. Keeping saying no, sack Hammond, offer them fuck all and if none of that works then handbag the cunts!

Grow a pair. There’s not going to be deal. Fuck the ‘transitional period’. Fuck the ECJ. Fuck Barnier and Drunker. Fuck ’em all!

This used to be a great country. Between you and that cunt Corbyn, you’ve turned us into a bloody laughing stock. Shape up or fuck off!

Nominated by Dioclese

We have agreed to allow the EU to ‘Have a say’ on some EU citizens still here AFTER Brexit and also £40 billion as a settlement.
A sell out of 17 million mugs cause that’s what we are mugs for expecting a Government of cunts to deliver a simple fuck off to the European Union.

This whole thing is an absolute joke, I bet that cunt Clegg is having a wank with his dick wrapped in an EU flag.

I don’t think I’m gonna ever vote again, I love my country but they don’t give a fuck about the ordinary people, I mean any country that allows even one ex service man or woman end up sleeping rough has to be run by Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunts.

The government…my nomination for cunt of the year.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt

Theresa May [9]

What is the fucking point of Theresa May? Ok, she’s not Flabbott or Corbyn – but she’s now even more irrelevant and yesterday’s person than ‘Call Me Dave’ Cameron, ffs.

She has no power, no-one takes the slightest notice of anything she says any more, and rightly so, she has never delivered on any of her fine words EVER!

Fuck off and let someone with more credibility, like Noel Edmunds, take over.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

May gets my vote for cunt of the year hands down – fucks up the election, then bends over for the micrococks of Europe to gangbang the UK into fucking oblivion

You fucking hunchbacked, clueless shitcunt. Deserves to be beaten to death with her own stinking kitten heels.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

Theresa May (8)

She said all the immigrants that have been in the UK for five years are still able to bring any family that wants to come to the UK and they can stay permanently after five years.
They will receive all the benefits , pensions, dole and health care, just like BRITISH CITIZENS.

But they are not British citizens and in my view , shouldn’t be entitled to anything of the sort.

The UK is not America, its not a massive country that was built on immigration.
Britain is a small island that has or had its own values and is full.
Even if it wasn’t full, its not on that we are being forced to change everything that we were taught our country was.

May also said immigrants are vital to our economy.
Strange, as i know Brits who are unemployed, but no one seems to think that they could be vital to our economy.

I hoped Teresa May would be a good UN’, but she’s not, she’s weak.

Nominated by birdman.

George Osborne (9)

I feel sorry for George Osborne. No really I do! It must be terribly hard holding down all those highly paid jobs and finding the time to slag off Theresa May!

Now May might have fucked up big time by screwing up a election she should never have called in the first place, but George seems to have forgotten all about his 7 years as Chancellor. He seems to have forgotten all about Project Fear. He seems to have conveniently forgotten about the post referendum emergency budget he promised us and never carried out.

No, George just wants to behave like a spoilt petulant brat unable to accept that losing his job was pretty much all down to himself fucking up big time and that the austerity everyone voted against was the austerity he introduced as Chancellor.

Easier to turn on the very party you helped to lead and bitch on about the woman who sacked you than to admit that you’re a 100% 24 carat solid gold fuck up, eh George?..

Nominated by Dioclese.