Theresa May (16)

While I’m on the subject of Brexit saboteurs, I feel I should once again cunt Theresa ‘The Appeaser’ May. Her white paper on what SHE thought Brexit should be was a load of shite. Contrary to what she and her lackey’s claimed, it did not, in any way keep faith with what the majority of the British electorate voted for in the referendum. She is an ignorant, arrogant, dithering, dictatorial twat, who only listens to those who tell her what she wants to hear.

Her latest act of twattery, has been to side line the newly promoted Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab. It seems that after making a couple of pro-Brexit statements, May didn’t like what she heard and has decided that from now on, as she did with David Davies, SHE and Oily Robbins will be negotiating with…sorry…capitulating…to the EU. To me, what’s she’s done is a public statement that she has no confidence that Raab will do what she wants. What makes it even worse, is that she didn’t even have the decency to tell Raab to his face, in private. He only found out about it while he was in the middle of a select committee grilling.

If I were Raab, I would not have resigned immediately, I would have publicly told May that she could shove the job right up her arrogant arse, and announce that after the summer recess, I would not only be sending a letter of no confidence to the 1922 Committee, but that I would be devoting every waking hour to seeing her removed from Downing Street. As I’ve said before, May is as much a leader as I am an astronaut. Her refusal to carry out the will of the people, couple with incompetence, and her lies and attempts to fool the public, have rendered her unfit to hold the office of Prime Minister.

She has had TWO YEARS to get us out of the EU, and all she has to show for it is a white paper that I wouldn’t even wipe my dog’s arse on, never mind my own. What’s even worse though, is that she has the audacity to claim that it keeps faith with what we voted for, when she knows full well that it doesn’t.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Theresa May [15]

On 26th June 2016 Theresa May voted remain.

On 11th July 2016 she said “Brexit means Brexit” and that there would “no attempts to stay in the EU”.

On 13th July 2016 she became PM.
And there was much rejoicing.

On 6th December 2016 she said she wanted a “red, white and blue” brexit.

In January 2017 the IRA decided to stop participating in the power sharing peace process and the EU leapt on it. The EU decided to use the oirish as useful idiots to stall negotiations and threaten the resumption of hostilities between the Protestants and the Catholics if we leave the empire.
She got on her knees and puckered up.

In the build up to the general election on 8th June 2017 she said “strong and stable” about 10,000 times. She lost her majority and had to bribe the DUP with a billion pounds to keep a lifelong commie and terrorist sympathiser from destroying her government.
She is now Britain’s weakest ever leader with an unstable government and a non existent majority in the commons.

On 4th October 2017, at the Tory party conference, she gave no details on the utter failure of her “negotiations” with our “friends and partners”. She sounded weak and pathetic and even allowed that Lee Nelson prick to mug her off without getting her security to kick the shite out of him.
She didn’t even tell him to “fuck off”.

On 19th October 2017 she turned up at the EU summit with that stupid ‘I’m so happy to be here’ look on her face and sucked up shamelessly to all of Britain’s enemies.
Frumpenfurher Munkel and her lap dog Macaroni both stated that they’d stand united against Britain on the brexit buggering. Did she tell them to get fucked? Did she fuck.

On 8th December 2017 she agreed to pay the EU 39 billion pounds.

On 13th December 2017 she allowed remoaner Tories to side with comrade compo and force the deal to be ratified by the most untrustworthy, self serving, cuntish bunch of remoaners in the commons.
Thereby destroying any chance of a strong hand at the negotiating table.
No one was sacked or even suspended.

On 2nd March 2018, at her mansion house speech, she announced that EU fishing vessels will have access to our waters, and the EU would still have a say in who gets what as far as our waters are concerned, totally betraying the British fishing industry.

On 6th July 2018, at a cabinet meeting at chequers, she released her plan to capitulate unconditionally to the EU.

On 12th July 2018 she was called a “cunt”, by me.

The cunt.

Nominated by Deploy The Sausage

I think it’s time for Theresa May to receive another nomination. So, last Friday, she held her ministers prisoner until they agreed to the pile of shit that SHE has decided is going to be Brexit. She threatened them with the sack unless they agreed, which to me, is a sure sign that she is, as I’ve said before, NO leader. And all that was AFTER she had fucked off to get her boss, Merkel’s approval for her plan. Yep, she didn’t even have the decency to show her own ministers her plan before talking to the Fuehrer.

What makes me even more angry, is that this incompetent, dithering, weak willed twat, has the brass neck to claim that her plan ‘keeps faith with what voters wanted’. Well I fucking beg to differ. In no way, is what she’s proposing anywhere close to keeping faith with what 17.4 million people voted for TWO fucking years ago. When I went to vote that day, I remember seeing the question ‘do you want the UK to remain a member of the EU, or do you want the UK to leave the EU’? Underneath that were two boxes. One had the word Remain beside it, and the other had the word Leave beside it. I don’t recall there being a ‘third way’ option, telling us that we could have a worthless pile of severed donkey cocks, in which we have LESS power in the EU than we have now, and still keep taking orders from the EU whilst staying in the Single Market and the Customs Union. In other words, a Brexit that is NOT Brexit.

What May is proposing is NOT Brexit, and the fact that Ken Clarke, Anna Soubrey and Vince Cable are all backing this bullshit, is positive proof of that. And Barnier has said that the plan for the UK to leave is now 80% of the way there. The backing of these four cunts alone, is proof that we have been betrayed. For May to even think that she could get away with claiming that it WAS what we voted for, is a sure sign that she is a complete and utter CUNT! Richard Littlejohn wrote an excellent piece on this the other day. He said that May has wasted the past two years, dithering over ‘what kind’ of Brexit SHE wanted, and flying to Brussels to ‘negotiate’ our exit. It would have been nice if she actually had negotiated. But as far as I can tell, she hasn’t negotiated, she’s capitulated. She has given those unelected tools in Brussels every single thing they’ve demanded, and she’s come back with NOTHING that we wanted. The thing, it is not for her decided what kind of Brexit SHE wants. WE have already decided that for her.

Littlejohn also said that it should have been May who resigned, not David Davis or Boris Johnson, and he was right. Despite her oft repeated lie of “Brexit is Brexit”, May has done everything she possibly could to undermine the will of the majority. She never had ANY intention of taking the UK out of the EU. She is, and always has been, a remainer. Except during the referendum of course, when she mysteriously disappeared from public view. Since then, she has consistently undermined the so called Brexit Secretary, David Davis, by taking over the ‘negotiations’. To me, that’s a sign she didn’t trust him. He should have resigned long ago, or stood up to her and told her to either fuck off and let him do his job, or sack him. She became the Tory leader ONLY because that little shite, Gove, stabbed Boris in the back. And at the weekend he stabbed all the other leave ministers in the back by siding with May.

In my opinion, May’s position is now untenable. Since Johnson and Davis resigned, there have been at least two other resignations from government, and I doubt they’ll be the last. She is now the leader of the political version of the RMS Titanic. A true leader, a leader with principles, a working moral compass and honour, would do what’s best for the country and their party, and resign. But May is not a true leader. She insists she’s going to hold on to the bitter end. Unfortunately for all of us, that end is likely to see to that bunch of traitors in Labour form the next government. And damn that bitch for it.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Theresa May (14)

The following is an EMERGENCY CUNTING request on behalf of the Prime Minister: Theresa May.

Following the dubiously “lawful” imprisonment of Tommy Robinson on the ridiculous charge of “Breach of the Peace” (or as I like to call it the “Protection of Peaceful Feelings”), the blanket ban on publicity, the refusal of the entire establishment to even acknowledge anything amiss (when 10’s of 1,000’s marched on Westminster in protest – again completely ignored by both the establishment and press apart from covering a couple of pissed up twats doing the cause no good whatsoever), and finally Robinson being moved to a high security prison in Leicester Arabia with a 70% “peaceful” population, in the main wing, for his easy non-“peaceful” (obviously) related dispatch, I am at a loss as to how badly this country has fallen and specifically a cunting for our ineffectual Prime Minister.

All she said was “strong and stable”.

And all we’ve gotten is weak and rickety!

Given all the above, this has to be the final straw from Appeaser May!

Absolute disgrace does not even come close! Hold your head in fucking shame you cunt!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!


“Oooooh but cut your fingernails next time Froggy”

Have sat through me share orf arrogant frog pygmy presidents – in recent times the likes orf Mitterand, Sarkozy, Holland and now Macron. Determined to take La Belle France back to its rightful place orn the world stage the cunt says. Restore the home orf boulevard dog shite and garlic to some Louis Quinze Sun King Empire orf prestige and majesty. The natural leader orf Europe and America’s oldest ally (if you count its Liberte Egalite Fraternite position as premiere and longest lasting supplier orf slaves to the rebellious colonists), the cunt dreams orf supplanting Blighty’s coveted place up the yanks arse. Hence his tossing little performance over Syria and his arse licking orf Trump.

Indeed cannot contain himself wanking over his supposed restraining advice to Trump and his diplomatic efforts re Putin. As the headline in The Sun (Sun King geddit) might read “It’s Macron what dunnit”. Good Luck Froggy is what Yours Ttuly says. Bugger lot orf good the “Special Relationship” has done Blighty. Obliged us to take the arse end position in every swivel eyed panto horse fuck up the yanks have embarked upon. There to be the scapegoat for Uncle Sam’s torturing and murdering orf prisoners in Iraq plus friendly fire various ect ect. Blame it orn the limeys. It’s what we are there for. Extra delicious that in all these farragos we have the pleasure orf paying for our own ticket as well. Blighty is such an easy fuck at least buy us dinner, a candle lit McDonalds will do.

Now May is behaving like an old whore that has been given the elbow. Indeed she is an old whore ect ect. Broken with Europe (hopefully) and now Trump has asked for his key back and given it to Macron. Take the advice orf Comrade Putin. Time to work the streets and Fuck Orfski.

As ever cannot be arsed to supply overmuch detail so leave that in the over tossed hands orf Pedantic Cunt and his famous sticky keyboard.

Nominated by. Sir Limply Stoke

Theresa May (13)

Theresa ‘The Appeaser’ May is deserving of a nomination. It’s emerged that May is planning to say ‘FUCK YOU’ to the 17.4 million patriots who voted to leave the EU by keeping us locked into the Customs Union. This means that we’ll STILL have to obey EU rules and regulations and, more importantly, leave us unable to make our trade deals. As if that wasn’t bad enough, this dipshit move has emboldened those unelected fucks in the EU, and now their demanding that we either accept their terms, or their will be no deal.

I’ve said more than once that as a remainer, May had no intention of delivering the Brexit we voted for, and now she’s given us the biggest proof yet of her intentions. The only other explanation, is that she’s the most inept, incompetent politician in British political history. Either way, if she continues on this course, she will be committing political suicide and dragging the Tories down with her. Worse still, she will guarantee that anti-British cunt, Corbyn, becomes the next resident of 10 Downing Street, which means that the Abbottopotamus becomes Home Secretary, fellow IRA collaborator McDonnell becomes Chancellor, and that drooling, snooty imbecile, Thornberry, becomes Foreign Secretary. In other words, the UK will completely and utterly…fucked!

It can’t be a coincidence that most of those she put in charge of Brexit are fervent remainers. All 39 of her advisors are remainers. Her performance in what she laughingly calls ‘negotiations’ has been so pathetic, it makes me wonder how she could be so incompetent without it being deliberate. Then again, you only have to look at her tenure as Home Secretary to see that she’s completely unsuited to be in any high level government post. When he was Mayor, Boris bought a couple trucks with water cannons, but May vetoed their being used, even though many other EU countries use them. She all but barred the police from using stop and search, and we all know how that’s worked out. What’s the total dead in London so far this year? 60? The police have suffered cuts for the best part of twenty years, but it was May who really cut them to bone.

May the Meek, is about as much a leader as I am an astronaut. The sad thing is, she frequently shows at PMQ’s that she has the potential to be a leader. She regularly skewers Corbyn, as she did last Wednesday, when Corbyn asked if was it the previous Home Secretary, who ordered the destruction of the Windrush documents in 2010. She replied; “No, it was the Home Secretary in 2009 who ordered those documents destroyed”. Corbyn had no comeback to that. So why is she so monumentally incompetent? I mean, when she called the unnecessary general election last year, she threw a lead of more than twenty points in the space of just two weeks, because her manifesto was pathetically shite. As a result, she almost handed Corbyn the keys to Downing Street.

The Tories seem to be starting to realise that if they’re to have any chance of winning the next general election, May has to go. She’s been warned that if she goes ahead with her plan to keep us in the Custom Union, which we specifically voted against, she will face a leadership challenge. The Tories need to do that anyway. It’s a sad indictment of her tenure as leader that the Tories are struggling to get a convincing lead over Labour in the polls. They should be light years ahead of that piece of shit and his band of traitors. The fact they’re not, is proof that May has to go.

Another fucking epic nomination by, Quick Draw McGraw