Russian Olympic ban

What a fucking farce the supposed ban on Russia competing in the winter Olympics has been!

The IOC ban Russia from the competition on the grounds of systematic state doping, but it’s alright for the athletes to take part anyway as long as they don’t wave the Russian flag or play the Russian anthem. Result? The athletes turn up and win loads of medals.

Then the cunts get all upset because the IOC refuse to let them march under a Russian flag at the closing ceremony. After all, only two more of the ‘non-Russians’ taking part failed dope tests. So that’s alright then?

Listen you cunts! A ban is a ban – not a pretend ban – a fucking ban.

This was not a ban. This was a farce. A fudge. A work around.

Fucking spineless cunts at the IOC caving in to Putin.

IOC, the world is laughing at you. No wonder your logo has been added to the Wall of Cunt1

Nominated by Dioclese

TEAM GB – Winter Olympics [6]

Elise Chirstie – Stop crying – Its skating not sliding you cunt. A tip, if you keep getting knocked over, move.

The Snowboarding Bint complaining it was too windy and cold – What part of Winter Olympics on a Ski Mountain would not confirm that may be the case? The US had no problems getting the medals on the same day.

All of the Curling Teams – What the fuck is this you (mostly) ginger cunts?

And Claire Balding, you and the olympians recycled from 40 years ago to string this out more than it needs to be – Get off my TV you horse.

Nominated by King Cunt

I would like to nominate Team GB Winter Olympics Short Track Speed Skating for a cunting.

Every 4yrs we get one “star” for the AL-BB-CERA to fawn over, and they fall over.

4yrs ago and this year Elie Christie was the big gold favourite and yet again she spends most of her time on her arse.

The preceeding race Charlotte Gilmartin…ends up on her arse.

20yrs ago the nation was gushing over Wilf O’Reilly (who also ticked a box or two), huge favourite for gold going into each of the Olympics he attended…ends up on his arse!

Now colour me simple, colour me stupid but I would have thought lesson #1 day #1 of learning any skating discipline would be the ability to stay on your fucking feet!?!

Maybe Team GB should invest in some of those skates that have 3 blades on them that 4yr olds use to help stop them from falling over? Just a suggestion.

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt

Winter Olympics – and the BBC

The Winter Olympics on the Beebistan Broadcasting Corporation.

So it’s time again for the love in that is the Olympics, on BBC, the four yearly shitfest of sportspersons and activities you’ve never actually heard of. The Winter Olypmics is a particular favourite.

Curling. Polishing some Ice with a brush so a fucking great stone can slide along it. Not taking a good shit, as I wrongly assumed. Appears to be done by Scottish dikes and Norwegians.

Moguls. Strapping ski planks to your feet and sliding down a bumpy slope covered in snow. Looks like a good way to have a stint in A&E to me.

Snowboarding. An excuse for a bunch of ‘right on’ lefty snowflakes to get a free holiday and wear ludicrous clothes whilst hacking on about half pipes, twists and catching air. Grow up you fucktards.

And finally good old Claire Balding, every cunts favourite lesbian who told us yesterday that she would be ‘doing the show’ from Salford, because it’s 4am in Korea and it’s very cold. No shiting Claire, is that why they call it the ‘winter’ Olympics?

Nominated by Leonardo Di Cunty.

Eurgh the tedium of the Winter Olympics. I only had it on accidentally and within 2 minutes I wanted to slit my own throat.

This thing is only on TV so that the new rich semi-intelligent/conscious middle classes can pretend they’re interested in sports. They can then use this discussion of “real world events” to distract from their small time dynasty building for their spoiled vomitous liberal offspring.

Its so fucking boring. Its like bingo in atmosphere and excitement. What is the point apart from some humanist celebration of bullshit. Who gives a shit if someone can skii or ice skate quicker than someone else? What good did it do anyone?

Their are numerous criticisms because of “tribalism” in football and other sports, but that’s because people give a shit! Because it’s exciting! Opening another bottle.of wine never gave meaning to anything.

One day when there isn’t a global media vacuum waiting for arbitrary sports to fill its schedules for the media spoon fed middle classes, this wank forgotton, and sports like curling and skiing will be left to whatever local mutants have the spare time and inclination to do it. And good luck to them, its probably fun, but fun isn’t necessarily interesting to watch, so it doesn’t mean it should be on TV globally. A shitting contest would frankly be more interesting, and get a more focused audience.

So fuck the winter olympics and the cunts who watch it. There is always something better to do unless you are a brain dead moron who thinks its sport you can watch and be discussed over dinner and wine and not be embarrased about because lower class people watch it, like football or snooker.

Nominated by Cunting Rank Wags

The Olympics (5)

The Olympics needs a cunting for having an Olympic Walking Race.

We’ve all been there about to shit yourself and the toilet is 70 metres away, you can’t run as everyone will know your about to shit yourself and you can’t stroll as you might shit yourself as it takes too long. So you walk like one of those fucking cunts in the Olympic Walking Race trying to make it to the toilet. Secondly and more importantly they spend millions on the buildings etc and within a year its like a ghost town (Greece, Brazil). All that fucking money wasted. I say turn the fucking places into Gladiator Colloseum type places and get all the snowflakes, cunts, refugees and politicians to battle it out and when there all gone turn it into luxury flats. The cunts.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt.

Team GB


I would like to nominate all of Team GB for a cunting.

Gone are the days of Joe Bloggs donning a tracksuit and taking a run or a swim for their country as amateaurs and picking up a medal at the end.

Its no longer the global school sports day.

The cost for Andy Murray to grunt Cmon to himself every fucking miniute – 4.7 Million. Mohammad Somali Farrah, x 2, Cost 9.4 million. The manbun cunt Louis Smith, spare time Strictly Come Dancing cunt, ching up another 4.7. Every other cunt 4.7 per medal.

All for what? To beat a chinaman over a line? Spin off a Diving platform or Gym Beam with your shower mate. Or a cunt over a blike track?

I see now they fly home in a gold painted 747. I bet the cunts didnt chip in for that ticket either.

I wander – if it is such Univesity Education needs to be paid back at 4.7 % per annum, why these cunts would not be garnished at least from endorsements they get to do this, to pay something back. 4.7 is a lot to pay a cunt to feel amazing at the end.

Albeit from the National Lottery, I am sure some other cunt can do with 67 x 4.7 million plus a gold plane to get home more than these cunts.

Its not as if any of these cunts are short of a bob to start with.


Nominated by: King Cunt