The new barbarians


There was a loud cunt on the train the other day tearing up about 7-year-olds not being allowed to have transgender surgery on the NHS.

The dirty orange slag had tattoos on its face, about 50 rings in its ears nose and tongue, and spherical rubber tits (that were hanging out and smelling bad, with DIY tattoos of names on them – “left” and “right” it looked like).

This cunt then started shouting that all migrants should be allowed ‘in’ and how ‘she’ wanted to put one up in ‘her’ student accommodation, but the university (a polytechnic day-prison for idiot filth that hands out arse-wipe degrees for £60,000 a pop) would not allow it (and the decision was racist).

Next the poxy bitch was whining about being skint, not being able to get a job as an Enrichment Officer (WTF is that!) with her local council (because they were cutting back on essential services – ‘she said’?) and how ‘she’ would never be able to afford to buy a home or even a car.

To get to the fucking point – everybody under 30 is a cunt. They have been so brainwashed by state education (“no reading today children – we are going to learn about the joys of sodomy and diversity breeding”) and the media (“Buy a £50 plastic sofa stuffed with used jam rags!) the cunts are clamouring for their own descent into miserable wretchedness and even extinction – yet they still have some rudimentary grasp of reality but illogically always go against their own interests to follow conditioning.

Fuck em all – the cunts. They do not deserve a decent life .

“Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war” on the mindless filth.

Nominated by: Oden Days