Praising McGuinness

We shouldn’t be surprised at the list of our favourite cunts who have queued up to pay tribute to the late great Martin McGuinness. The only thing we should be surprised at is that he’s never been cunted on here before!

Nicola Sturgeon released a statement on Tuesday saying that without his “hard and brave work to bridge the divide” that “peace would not have been achieved” in Northern Ireland.

Bill Clinton : “He believed in a shared future, and refused to live in the past, a lesson all of us who remain should learn and live by. May he rest in peace”

Tony Blair : “For those of us able, finally, to bring about the Northern Ireland peace agreement, we know we could never have done it without Martin’s leadership, courage and quiet insistence that the past should not define the future.” Apparently he had “genuine affection for the man I came to know and admire.”

Jeremy Corbyn declared himself “very sad” to learn of the death of McGuinness. IRA sympathiser John McDonnell said ‘bombs and bullets could unite Ireland’ and joked ‘gutless wimps’ opposed to Sinn Fein should have their knees blown off’

Alastair Campbell said “A great guy, a good guy, I liked him a lot” The same Alastair Campbell who said people who voted democratically leave the European Union were “Thick, fascist, racist, xenophobic cunts”

The list is endless. Even the BBC has sunk to new lows with this one and has been accused of ‘fawning coverage’. Jon Snow summed it up with “A great loss; an extraordinary life that culminated in great service”. The BBC coverage has been endless and never a bad thing to say about the man.

Martin McGuiness was an evil cunt. The only good thing about him is that he’s now a dead evil cunt.

Nominated by just about everyone who comments on this site

Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness is a terrorist cunt who always act like he is a revered statesman when in fact he is a slimy opportunistic evil IRA cunt who has the hide of a rhinoceros.Hope the ugly old cunt conks out soon!I should probably get some champagne in preparation.

Nominated by Shaun

Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s mother


OSU terrorist’s mother deserves a immediate cunting – She recently said “I love you my son. I know they kill you for no reason” at his burial. No No, No you stupid cunt! they did kill him for a reason.

To bring cunters up to speed he ran over 10 people and started stabbing the injured on the ground with a butchers knife every liberal snowflake mag in the country is shielding him like a innocent baby. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think running over 10 people and then stabbing them is a very good reason to kill your stupid ratfaced son you cunt deport her trump she has to go back!

Artan added that he was scared about other people’s opinions of him because of what he perceived to be negative portrayal of Muslims in the media, and criticized President-elect Donald Trump for not being “educated on Islam”. Well all I know is when other people don’t agree with me the only course of action is to run over them & stab them only seems logical right cunters? what better way to get educated on islam?!

They aren’t sending their best & brightest folks, they just aren’t” -Trump 2016

Nominated by: Titslapper

Islamic jihad

I think the religion of peace needs an emergency cunting. I probably don’t need to say much more than that after what happened in Nice last night.

Luckily the Jihadi did it before Friday prayers so the brothers can have a good chuckle about it together. I wish I could see the shock on his face as he’s introduced to the promised virgins just to see that they’re all male.

It’s about time the gloves were taken off and these fuckers were dealt with properly.

Nominated by: Dirk Snasgood

Liberal Moslem Apologists

8 obama vs muhammad terror meme

Liberal Moslem Apologists are absolute Cunts recently another mass shooting in the states by another religion of peace poster boy killing 50 poofs at a gay pub in Orlando,FL.

How is the lib media going to spin this one I wonder?

It is unspinnable! I just can’t wait to see them try.

I can’t wait to see the BBC or Channel 4 stuttering, trying to explain that Moslems don’t really hate homos and this is all somehow the fault of White people or anti-immigrationers. That’s the end of the politically correct narrative right there folks. Omar Mateen, an Afghani haji(migrant), just secured the election for Trump by carrying out the most deadly terrorist attack in America since 9/11.

Samuel Jackson said he hoped the San Bernardino Shooters were White. Well the liberal media was hoping the same for this attack. I hope you enjoy the hell out of those 72 virgins Omar. You deserved it mate!

Update: ISIS just took responsibility for the attack this just keeps getting better LOL

Nominated by: Titslapper