I’d like to cunt Skrillex, the fucking phoney cunt, for infecting people with his robotic diarrhea music devoid of any real talent. It’s a good thing all his fan fags are too high on ecstasy or on methamphetmine to realize how shitte his music is.

I dislike Skrillex for multiple reasons but mostly for why his fabled “drops” sound like a down syndrome android taking a dump through a vocoder. How that is genius I will never know! I don’t hate all EDM but most of it is shite. No dubstep or brostep song that was made will be remembered or of serious quality in 20 years. Especially from this skrillex cunt. It will be a fad that will die, hopefully sooner than later.

Ultimately it will be remembered as a particularly embarrassing fad that testifies to the fail of cunts who are failed musicians. I’m also pretty sure this bellend gets fake views on youtube because I have no clue how 200,000,000 people think this is good music. Also to note is how he has plaguarised most of the founders of dubstep, brostep, EDM and other shite masquerading as music.

Nominated by: Titslapper

The Beatles


Well it seems the Beatles haven’t been cunted before, and seeing that they’ve been cunts since the early sixties, I’d say it’s long overdue.. A few years ago I heard some Yank girl on the radio saying “I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like the Beatles.” I wanted to hold my hand out and say “Hello, my name’s Allan.”

I thought they were rubbish from the start and I can honestly say I’ve never heard a Beatles song that I’ve liked. I was listening to bands like the Pretty Things and the Nashville Teens, and I couldn’t understand how these scouse cunts had become so popular.

Years later I saw McCartney and Wings (?) on the tv, his band were all glowering at the camera and he was pulling silly faces, he looked so pleased with himself that I felt the urge to do him some damage. Smug bastard.

The rest of them were no better, Lennon was shagging that horror show exhibit from Japan and Starr’s best work was in the film Candy.

Overrated bunch of cunts who got lucky.

Nominated by: Allan

The Beatles are cunts. I like that song “Oh No” by Zappa and the mothers of invention which was a throwback to the Beatles “all you need is love”. I find it ironic that Lennon wrote it considering he abused his wife hated his children, took any drug given to him, was a asshole to anybody and everybody, and supported IRA and black panthers .

My favorite songs of the beatles are Here comes the sun and My guitar gently weeps(Harrison), Rain, Benefit of Mr.Kite,A day in the Life,Strawberry Fields Foever(Lennon) Yesterday and Helter Skelter (McCartney) Sorry Ringo nothing from you haha but yes your right they were cunts and they used their ego to be musical saviours when in reality they were just abunch of bitter douchebags who hated each other.

Nominated by: Titslapper

The Beatles, what a load of fucking thieving scallies, one day they may be as big as Oasis, another bunch of thieving northern monkeys

Music has been shit since 1980, same old digital shite compressed/processed and time-stretched to the point listening to it makes your ears bleed, in a bad way. Bring back vinyl, it was the source of my best chat up line that does not work anymore : “Hey love, I’m a DJ, want to come back to mine and play with my 12 inches?”

And it actually worked once, but that was when condoms were pretentious and I got a fucking dose of crabs off the slag – happy days

Nominated by: Sebastian Cod Roe

Kate Moss


Supposed “Supermodel” and walking toothpick with eyeballs Kate Moss is a cunt.

Not content with bullying recovering stroke victim Andrew Marr out of his coffee shop seat (No fan of the man but strokes can get ANY poor cunt!) the malnourished shitbag has got herself pissed up on an Easyjet flight (whilst returning from a stretch of rehab no less) and drunkenly abused passengers, flight crew and the (female) pilot. No doubt with the timeless classic screech of “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” It’s pretty obvious WHAT you are my dear.

Anyone who would abuse a pilot trying to control several hundred tons of metal and aviation fuel carrying passengers who might actually have worked for a living is an absolute cunt of terrifying proportions.

Mrs Bastard is 52 and she looks better than you from every angle and has the benefit of a pleasant personality to go with it. Fuck off and get a bloody sandwich, you skinny, emaciated, overrated, overgrown playground bully, coke fiend, fag ash Lil and consummate CUNT!!

Nominated by: Mr Bastard

David Walliams [2]


That Britain’s Got More Talent trailer is a masterclass in cuntery…

The worst bit? David Walliams mincing and ‘doing his moves’…

No mean feat, considering he has those Coneheaded cunts Ant and Dec, that Holden slag, Manboobs Cowell and that ‘rapping’ presenter cunt as competition… Just goes to show how much of a cunt Walliams is…

Nominated by: Norman

Iggy Azalea


First of all I’m not really into ‘urban’ culture and music but since its a fairly big portion of the shite played on radio stations today I’d say this cunt deserves it. If it wasn’t already enough that cunts like Iggy Azalea are taught that it doesn’t matter if you have actual talent or not, as long your arse is half out and make drug references you might be on to a winner.

Bad enough the “idols” you’re kids might look up to can have fake tits and a fake plastic arse, they can now look up to this cunt that completely fakes her identity. Australian born girl that sounds like she’s from the slums of Los Angeles. What a cunt.

Nominated by: Full Blown Cunt