X Factor [2]


The X Factor is strewn with cunts. I mean, it literally could not be more top heavy with cunts unless Chris Moyles got involved. Cowell, Cheryl the cunt, Grimshaw, Murs, the scraggy cunt that is Caroline Flack, everyone on the thing on ITV2 and of course every wannabe shit hole that appears from the first audition to the final.

But let me tell you this, if you one of these cunts that have their faces superimposed on things during the adverts, (and I include any child in that, don’t think those little shits are exempt) then you have managed to become the cream on a cunt pie.

Absolute desperate, attention seeking scum-bags.

Nominated by: Cunt O’Macunto

Reality Stars


I would like to cunt “Reality Stars”

Every single one of them. Where the is it that having no talent apart from Getting your tits out, Sucking Cock (regardless of if your male or female) Being totally annoying, or just a diamond grade cunt – make you a star?

Secondly I would like to double cunt any any every person that got them there in the first place.

Should the RAF need some targets for practice – or fodder on the ground, send these cunts.

Nominated by: King Cunt

The Mercury Prize

Vice Mercury Prize Illustration

I would like an early cunting of this years Mercury Prize, which has seen someone win because they are connected to France. Fuck off with your attention seeking shite.

Also Laurn Laverne is a talentless posh cow who has obviously got ‘connections’.Check out her musical output on youtube to see how utterly shite she is.

Nominated by: Vermin Cunt Spotter

Farah Abraham


This cunt called Farah Abraham (sounds like a Chinese version of the bloke who sang with the Smurfs!) became a ‘celebrity’ by appearing in the MTV show ‘Teen Mom’

Which basically means the little slapper got up the duff to get on a crappy TV show…. Then the gluebag does a porno DVD: titled ‘Teen Mom XXX’ or something like that….Now this cunt is on the abomination that is Celebrity Big Brother, with a new pair of plastic tits and celebrity status….

We live in a world where slags like Abraham, Kardashian and Katie Price are seen as celebrities… I partly blame Beckham for this modern celebrity famous for nothing culture…. After all, he married that talentless, obnoxious cunt, Posh (except she isn’t!) and with her help, they became a ‘celebrity couple…’ And this (especially her) set the template for the famous for fuck all celebrities we have today…

Nominated by: Norman

Shappi Khorsandi


Another ‘comedienne’ worthy of mention is Shappi Khorsandi. Look her up and marvel at how the fuck she gets paid for what she does.

Utterly shite. No stage presence, She only survives at venues such as the Apollo where the audience is made up of middle class tossers that wouldn’t say boo to a goose let alone heckle. Get her down to a low-key gig with a predominently stag and hen audience, that’s where you find out if you can cut it. She’d be eaten alive and the bones spat out before she’d got past her first cheerless tale of being exiled from Iran.

Silly bint.

Nominated by: Fleaboy