Suicide Squad [1]

Inspired by an idea put forward by birdman.Suicide squad like the Deadpool requires players to pick 5 names of celebs who they think will die next.Catch is you can only win the round if one of your picks commits suicide.Yes it is a sick idea but having been reading all the comments on this site over the past few months safe to say most of you are sick cunts!

Here are the rules:

1)As with the Deadpool it is first come first serve in terms of nominating picks.When a new round is triggered you can always be a cunt and steal someone else`s nominations.

2)Suicide means the deliberate ending of one`s life .This includes but is not strictly limited to: Jumping from a height, hanging self-inflicted gunshot wound, deliberate overdose jumping in front of a vehicle at high speed or going to Dignitas to ingest poison.Assisted suicides count yes.

3)Verification will be needed that your pick killed themselves.If it is reported suspected suicide that will do however there has to be a reason for the media reporting this i.e a note the person found hanging or found at the bottom of a bridge.No need to wait for the coroner’s report.In the cases of overdose if there is circumstantial evidence of a suicide note or like Kenneth Williams knowledge of suicidal feelings then it is presumed as such.The media rarely incorrectly reports suicide.If the original reports are wrong you still get the points as rounds are not reversible.

4)This game although comes under Deadpool on the tags it is an unrelated game.Therefore picks you have reserved on the Deadpool are not reserved on suicide squad and vice versa.

5)If one of your picks dies from natural causes or an accident or murder it does not count and you can`t replace them in such an event.

6)This is birdman`s idea so any criticisms can be directed in his direction.

7)No duplicates.

8)Nominees must be placed in this thread.Putting it on other threads does not count.

Good luck cunters!

Shaun`s nominations:

Daniella Westbrook
Sinead O`Connor
Paul Gascoigne
Kenny Sansom
Marieke Vervoot