Anne-Marie Duff (Violet) and Carey Mulligan (Maud) in SUFFRAGETTE

That’s all we’ve had on telly for weeks now. “Suffragette” this and “Suffragette” fucking that, endless free-cinema-ticket-grabbing poncey critics fawning and raving about it, that and Daniel “Mega Cunt” Craig’s latest emasculated, warmed up leftovers Bond borefest which finally lurched drunkenly into theatres.

“Ooooh! Look how troubled and gloomy he looks, how intelligent and progressive this film is”. Yawn.

Thankfully Mrs B has expressed absolutely no interest in going to see Suffragette, maybe there is a God after all. There is however a disquieting rumour of a Downton Abbey movie (shudder!)…..

Nominated by: Mr Bastard