Student results reporting


Newspaper picture editors who illustrate A Level Results Day with the SAME fucking photograph every single year are cunts.

Three or four blonde girls (invariably called Millie, Tilly and Lily) either hugging each other or jumping up in the air clutching their envelopes.

Come on you fucking cunts, show some originality – it’s not only posh blonde girls who take A levels!

Nominated by: Fred West

James Kingston


James Kingston is a right cunt. Saw a bit of his ridiculous Wembley Arch stunt on the television news. What an attention seeking knobend.

He’s refered to by the media as an ‘urban adventurer…’ Bollocks, he’s just another silver spoon up his arse cunt with too much money and time on his hands (like that other cunt, Bear Gryls). Of course the media lap up this shite: with all their urban adventurer bullshit and calling Wembley’s arch ‘iconic…’ No, it isn’t – the Wembley towers were iconic, but the ‘arch’ is just bits of metal stuck together: an abomination from yet another overpaid and talentless ‘designer/artist’. The sort of ‘modern art’ crap that infests most towns in Britain today.

Nominated by: Norman

The Haka [2]


The Haka demands a good cunting.

I’m bored to the fucking back teeth of seeing that little dance, but what gets me more are those stupid NZ fans in the stands who now think they need to stick the tongue out like their heroes on the pitch.

Piss right off, cùnts.

Nominated by: Dan

( Can’t be cunted too many times, eh Flaxen?… )