Steve Allen

I nominate the LBC early morning Voc-Jock Steve Allen. Apart from Twitter storming this cunt, I have not really had an appropriate chance to ‘out ‘this half-wit and total bell-end. This is a man that is not only ignorant and allowed to be so on national airwaves, but decides he wants to warm some Pitta breads in a Halogen Oven that he has sited on the FLOOR of his kitchen that also he has a loose rug on. He trips on it (cos he’s a twat), puts his hand out and falls face down onto the Halogen oven and cooks himself as it gets stuck to his chest on top of him! Divot.

I know I don’t have to, but inevitably when you can’t sleep you surf the airwaves and with such little option at 4am, you have to endure this gobb-shite every so often… Oh and he drives a Bentley and brags about it endlessly…

Nominated by Cunty Longbottom