Stephen Kinnock (3)

The Right Honourable Stephen Kinnock MP.

Normally I wouldn’t blame a bloke for the sins of his father, especially when he has inherited his bald bonce and ugly face, but this cunt is an exception.

Stephen was elected as recently as 2015 (safe seat Aberavon) after spending his early career pushing pens and shuffling paper in the EU bureaucracy (I wonder where he got that idea?) He also took the opportunity to marry the future PM of Denmark, a slag who managed to get him off charges of tax dodging in Denmark.

Taking the advice of Mummy and Daddy (each received £130 grand payoff and £67 grand a year pension for their invaluable “work” for the EU) he decided that the he needed to steal from the British taxpayers’ pocket at source.

Obviously a solid gold Blairite and remoaner, tipped by the media to reach the top of Labour politics, just like his traitorous turncoat parents. The apple never falls far from the tree, they say, but this bastard is going to own the tree.

Truly a CUNT for our times.

The Kinnock family

Part time politician Neil kinnock has managed to extricate his fat bald ugly mug from the EU’s trough of over indulgence for a few minutes to lecture working class Brits on the folly of leaving bloated gravy train that is the EU.

Well what makes the Welsh windbag think anybody’s gonna listen to him?? Expressly rejected twice by the electorate he has managed to suckle at the teat of the EU for over a decade, in fact his family are all sucking away, his daughter got caught out 2 years ago, she’s on the FUCKIIN payroll and the jobs a good un!, 2 day week for a reported salary of €90,000 , a newspaper exposed her. Apparently she barely put in an appearance at work and was far more interested in shopping and socialising with the Brussels bastards…

Without the EU what would Kinnock and his family be doing?? Nothing!! , so it’s hardly surprising the Kinnocks like the EU where they can all swan around with their snouts firmly buried in the trough!!!!

Nominated by: Quisling

Stephen Kinnock [2]

Blue plaque honouring Aneurin Bevan and Jennie Lee

Stephen Kinnock is a hypocritical cunt of the first order.

Our Stephen reckons that if the vote on June 23rd is to leave the EU, then it can be held up for years by MPs blocking the legislation necessary to amend and repeal EU imposed laws. His justification for this is that just because the people voted in a referendum, there wouldn’t be a mandate because they wouldn’t have voted to destroy jobs and the economy.

He also reckons it would be OK to defy the will of the people because the Leave campaign have failed to ‘put forward an alternative economic plan’ for Brexit. So again, according to Kinnock, there’s no mandate.

It’s absolutely nothing to do with his parents being put out of highly paid fireproof jobs in Brussels. Absolutley not, because that would make him a biased, self interested cunt wouldn’t it?

Nominated by: Dioclese

Stephen Kinnock

Stephen Kinnock

Eurocunt gravy train riding son of welsh windbag wanker Neil Kinnock. This ugly slaphead cunt is spawned out of the Eton for Eurocunts, the College of Europe via Cambridge me dears. Married to the Danish Prime Minister – they apparantly met at the College of Eurocunts in Belgium.

Now being parachuted into the very safe Labour seat of Aberavon. Welsh labour cunts are accustomed to incestuous buggery and sheep shagging so a spot of political incest is perfectly normal. Whilst we are at it let’s follow the trail of vomit back to the parents, Lady for fucks sake Kinnock, Baroness of Holyhead and the original ginger haired celtic cunt and running boy for the EU, (are yer awllright – oh fuck I’ve just lost the election) total tosser Neil K.

The whole fucking family has dedicated itself to bumming orf the eurocunt gravy train. Fucking shower.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke