Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg luckily beats Lewis Hamilton (who is a much better driver than him) because Lewis’ brand new engine blows up and costs Lewis 25 points and Lewis also messed up a few starts and lost points. Yet the German only beat Lewis by 5 points. Realising he had no chance in the future he retires and I think it’s a bit cowardly, something I wouldn’t associate with the Germans.

Anyways Nico is a good driver and has his moments of brilliance but he is lucky to be World Champion.

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt



I would like to cunt quidditch – not the game in the Harry Potter films but the ‘sport’ played in the real world by cunts.

It has its own official rulebook a world cup and a UK premier league is about to start up. The game is non contact and mixed gender so ideal for student types.

It’s another way for snowflakes to escape the awful world they find themselves living in. What better way to forget Brexit and The Trump than to run around with a broomstick wedged between your arse cheeks.

Wikipedia have a page on it if you can be arsed.

The tidal wave of cuntishness continues.

Nominated by: Mahatma Koat


2015 RBS Six Nations Media Launch

Fucking rugby! The game, not the town. 6 nations time again and I keep seeing examples of this pointless cunt sport, for cunts.

At least football has finesse, but you could remove the ball from a game of rugby and it would make fuck all difference! 30 blokes running into each other for 80 minutes obviously wanting to bum or give hand jobs to anyone they can get pinned down!

Fucking pointless and I just don’t get it.

Nominated by: Lance Armstrong

Tyson Fury


Tyson Fury is a complete cunt with ridiculous ideas, in this country we still (just about) have the right to freedom of expression as long as violence is not incited and I don’t believe that the idiot has done that.

I am really worried about our seemingly decreasing right to free speech, it has already been stopped by Muslim apologists by the use of the ridiculous term ‘Islamophobia’ and by certain Muslims who are prepared to kill for any perceived slight to their prophet.

Maybe I should also cunt religion in general for being granted far too much respect whilst not having a shred of evidence for the existence for any of its claims. Religion is the basis of Tyson Fury’s opinions, but sadly the Bible/Koran etc. give credence to all these appalling ideas.

Ian Sawyer who has reported Tyson Fury to the police for hate crime is a right cunt too.

Nominated by: Serena