Andy Burnham [4]

Fuck off, Andy Burnham, you disingenuous venal virtue signaller of a cunt…. You make me sick with your bullshit faux outrage… I spit on you, you fucking Scouse bastard pro-muslim cunt…..

Nominated by Norman (and everyone else on recent threads)

Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather Junior is a spineless cunt who is allowed to carefully pick his opponents.

He avoided Manny Pacquiao like the plague while the Filipino was at his peak, only agreeing to face him after he saw the deterioration in his opponent’s performances.

Amir khan isn’t a great fighter but the speed he demonstrated against Devon Alexander would give Mayweather problems, that’s why he won’t get a shot. The legends of boxing were never afraid to fight anyone, they sought the opportunity to prove they were the best. Mayweather’s legacy will always be tarnished by his fear of risking his unbeaten record.

Nominated by: Allan

Floyd Mayweather is a spineless septic jungle bunny cunt

Nominated by: Thomas the Think Tank Engine

Bradley Manning


I’ll tell you who’s a cunt: Bradley fucking Manning. Not content with betraying his uniform, comrades, orders and nation by leaking national security information to that other wanker Assange (with the emphasis on ass) he has now decided that at weekends his name is ‘Chelsea’. Unfuckingbelievable.

What has the world come to when a spineless little wanker, caught red handed, is not summarily shot for treason? Aside from that, he now wants to be a woman? Well I want to be a billionaire, but that’s not very fucking likely either.

He’s a woman trapped in the body of a man? Is he fuck. He’s a fucking little cunt.

Nominated by: Termujin



What’s with these cunts?

Nothing better to do than to post shit comments on blogs just to piss off the author. I’ve had my share lately, and all I have to say is “Fuck the fucking fuck off, you fuckers!”

Definitely cunts.

Nominated by : Dioclese