Last summer I made a post cunting the modern world for making life shite since the 90’s.
I’ve been thinking a great deal and now would like to cunt globalists as the cause of the demise.

It’s come to my attention that there are a bunch of weapons grade cunts with hook noses at the top of world society who have decided that it would be better for them if everyone was in one basket. No nations, no governments, no patriotism, no grief, just one mixed race bunch of humans with one govt.

Easy to control and administer and fleece.

Ah you think..a conspiracy theorist loon.

Well if you think that the very wealthy and powerful at the top with all the influence who run the worlds finances haven’t considered conspiring with likeminded people in order to get themselves more of the same, then you are the loon.

If your goal is a global govt…..
(Hillary Clinton and Bilderberg group advocated a hemispheric and world govt many times).

Then how do you get it?

You take out the law and order in the area between the first and third world, the Middle East by removing the leaders and allowing chaos. Assad is the last left.

Eradicate nations by mixing everyone up.


Create massive migrant flows through war. Allow them in having first infiltrated most western governments and media.

How do you start wars?

You stage attacks on the west by middle eastern countries.
9/11. That was the start of it all.

I think they, the elite, the establishment, whatever, are firmly in control of the manipulation.

Watching Trump switch over to Assad attack mode when Assad had nothing to gain by using chemical weapons at a point where he had won, suggests to me that they give us the odd hope (like scratch cards) to make us think there is a counterance to the likes of Clinton, where in all likelihood, it’s just that, an illusion.

Actors to make it look like we have a choice.

Brexit a minor inconvenience.

Circuses and bread keep everyone occupied while they carry on with the plan.

It will directly impact all our lives soon enough.

Nominated by Lord ferrigno.



Any sort of socialist is a cunt. It is not the job of the government to decide who gets you wages or how much of it you get to keep. Government should be minimal and as localised as possible.

Fairness is nothing to do with socialism and vice versa. Can’t afford kids, don’t fucking have them. If you are desperate to be a parent you will do what it takes to get yourself in a position to be able to give them a life without stealing out of the pockets of others.

There are a lot of issues with a free society promoted by a free economy but socialism is not the answer to any of them.

There is no entitlement, it is a myth. If you can work and provide for you and yours then you should. Society should take care of those who really do need it not those who will steal their living from the pockets of others.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

Socialists adhere to an outdated and frankly doomed to failure dogmatic belief system. Name me one country which has benefited from being under socialist control. USSR? North Korea? Any of the former Eastern European states? Angola? Venezuela? DRC? Vietnam? Cambodia? All shit holes. Only China has had any economic success, but that only came when they adopted a form of free market capitalism while retaining the old iron grip on the population.

Socialism damned near killed the UK in the 1970s and the EU is a form of socialism too. All utter utter cunts. And what really gets on my tits is how they assume a high moral ground, as if they are the moral crusaders and free market capitalists are the cunts.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart