The Beast from the East

How ironic. There’s a bit of snow about so the snowflakes go into meltdown!

100 years ago soldiers endured four months in the freezing cold during the battle of the Somme. Today the modern generation is taking time off work because there’s a half inch of melting slush on the pavement.

Trains have been cancelled because it might snow overnight and they’d be in the wrong place or might – might, mind you – get stuck in the snow and the passengers freeze to death before they get rescued.

Snowflake cunts up and down the country are panic buying milk and bread in preparation for the ensuing armageddon.

And the piece de resistance? A headmaster is banning his pupils from TOUCHING snow and told them that snowball fights in the playground will result in them being excluded! I can see it now – the new Injury Lawyers4U ad : poor little Johnny got a snowflake in his eye so we need to sue the local education authority. Ring 0800-GREEDYCUNT now. No win no fee. You know it makes sense.

Snowflakes breeding snowflakes getting worked up over a few snowflakes.

Here’s a message for you : It’s winter and there’s some snow about. Like it is every year in the north and Scotland. It’s not new. It’s not even unusual. It’s a bit of fucking snow!!! Get over it!


Nominated by Dioclese

Snow and Snowflakes


Not prepared for snow & Snowflakes (Young people not the shit that falls from the sky) every year the white sub zero temperature pensioner killing shit causes havoc. Now call me a naive,or just a cunt but when winter rears its ugly head snow may be on the horizon, so please, pretty please prepare for it .

Now to justify my rant I have just been away in winter (my own fault for choosing this time I know) and queued for 12 hours at Zurich airport behind 6 snowflakes. By fuck did they make 12 fucking hours LONG. The floor was too hard, the floor was too cold (from my experience they generally are) then it was the free water given to you, then the free food, then being given “too much information!” Sorry but being given a constant update to me was welcome and then finally the uber whine they were not all give individual rooms free of charge!!

These swiss people had spotted they were 3 couples on a weekend so they were housed as 3 couples, now these evil free accommodation/food and beverage dolling out swiss cunts did not consider their feelings and “safe space!” requirements. At all. Just saved them and others from sleeping in minus 12 or in the airport terminal.

Nominated by Toryboy

Snowflakes [2]

Can I cunt snowflakes, progressive left wing cunts and the media for cunting princess Michael for wearing an18th century broach that happens to show a black person?

The broach isn’t a negative, it’s regal. It’s not a Robinson’s Gollywog for fucking sure.

Add in to the mix this mountain out of a molehill as allowed the media to masturbate over the fact Megan is mixed race. So fucking what? Is this pertinent now only because of a broach. Let’s be honest Megan’s fathers white genes were dominant in producing Megan. Her heritage isn’t obvious.

As Eddie Murphy may observe she ain’t no jungle bitch with a bone through her nose. (Eddie is black and he wouldn’t have an issue saying this, why should I!)

The real twist in this story will come of Megan’s mothers genetics are more prominent in any offspring. Harry is ginger ffs, what were you thinking?

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Snowflakes you want? Click below –


Young people are cunts….
The youth of today (and students) are all immature entitled pricks and as thick as pigshit….

They think that piece of commie toe-jam in charge of the Labour Party is fucking Santa Claus…

These clueless spotty snowflake turds still believe that the white haired, bearded, jolly old bloke is going to give them loads of free shit that’s going to magically appear and never have to be paid for…. Anyone who voted for – and believed – Jeremy Corbyn is a complete and utter cunt…

Nominated by Norman

Geriatric snowflakes

Seems there’s a new breed of cunt in town that I came across while enjoying a quiet game of bridge this week with the Womens Institute – a delicate little bunch of geriatric snowflakes.

As the room became crowded and more tables were required to be set up, one ‘gentleman’ suggested I ‘got off my arse and did some work’ so given that I’d already done most of the work that morning and many many mornings before, I felt bound to tell him to fuck off.

Shock! Horror! The little old ladies went into apoplectic shock at the use of such vile language! Never in all their considerably long lives had this word ever been uttered in their esteemed and delicate presence.

The ‘gentleman’ in question then threatened to ‘punch my lights out!’ Apparently, this language was perfectly acceptable.

Naturally, in true snowflake style, this was entirely my fault. Perhaps it’s a ‘normal for Norfolk’ thing? Maybe they were experiencing their second childhood and it’s proof that snowflakes come in all ages?

Either way, they can still fuck off…

Nominated by Dioclese