Rolf Harris [3]


This an emergency cunting of Rolf Harris following his conviction on TWELVE counts of kiddy-fiddling.

We all know Harris did “Two Little Boys” in the 1960′s, but now it transpires the cunt also did two little girls in the 1970′s…

Not only a lying nonce, but a fucking Australian to boot. Behead the cunt immediately.

Nominated by : Fred West

Now we all know what his ‘extra leg (diddle diddle diddle dum)’ was… And I dread to think what he wanted to tie a kangaroo down (sport) for….

I always wondered why he made those funny panting noises he was so famous for… Dirty old Aussie cunt!

Nominated by : Norman Whiteside

Now we know what he made his didgerie do…

Nominated by : Dioclese

Internet groomers


I would like to nominated “Mummy” as a cunt. She openly flirts with me on Facebook which was very flattering until I found she started life as a man called Marty and still has a dinklage!

I don’t appreciate having my feelings toyed with by some fucking tranny from Florida…

Nominated by: Adam Paul Cortez

No – I don’t want to meet up with you. Not only that but I don’t want to send you pictures of myself naked in compromising positions, give you my phone number or ‘go-private’ in your internet chat room.

However, if you’d like to give me your details, my daddy is a policeman who would very much like to get to know, you sick cunt!

Nominated by: Rolf

James Stunt


From our society correspondent: Who is he? Reputed billionaire husband of billion pound trustfund beneficiary Petra Ecclestone and son in law of billionaire motor racing Formula 1 johnnie and alleged thieving little git Bernie Ecclestone. This Stunt Cunt is reportedly called a “flash bastard” by that arbiter of good taste Bernie E.

Perhaps Bernie has a point. Mr Cunt is reknowned for being chauffered around London in a fleet of motors and bodyguards with himself tucked up in a 600 grand Rolls Royce Mansory Conquistador model with personalised number plates (Personalised? CUNT 1? Pa-lease).

So how did elcunto get himself rolling? We are informed his rich pater supplied him with readies with which he dabbled in the art market and progressed to flogging English School paintings to the yanks (including a Lely or two which might well have come from me). Then it was the usual stocks and shares thing. Contacts, easy money. Plus involvement in a number of companies which seem to have shared the unfortunate characteristic of going bust.

So what does Petra get for her money? A fake tanned orange skinned cunt with a ’90′s Wall Street city boy slickback barnet.

So what does Petra see in Mr Cunt? Want’s to start a family? Well anyone who is part of the Ecclestone menage is accustomed to seeing little pricks.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Rolf Harris [2]


I’m very disappointed in Rolf Harris.

It makes me wonder when he was signing to deaf kids at the end of Rolfs cartoon club, what was he saying? There could be a tidal wave of deaf kids born in the 80′s traumatised by this blokes didgeridoo and none of us knew!

Can you guess what it is yet? Yeah. An arrest warrant.

Nominated by : London cunt