Christina Hendricks


That Christina Hendricks is a right cunt. She thinks she is soooo sexy, with here flame coloured hair, big tits, ruby lips and a perfectly peachy down covered arse. She no doubt anticipates a night of passion should she turn up on my doorstep wearing nothing but 1950s lingerie complete with elbow length kid gloves and a bucket full of lubricant. Well just go ahead and try it, you bitch. I dare you, just fucking try it……


Nominated by: Fat Rich

Farah Abraham


This cunt called Farah Abraham (sounds like a Chinese version of the bloke who sang with the Smurfs!) became a ‘celebrity’ by appearing in the MTV show ‘Teen Mom’

Which basically means the little slapper got up the duff to get on a crappy TV show…. Then the gluebag does a porno DVD: titled ‘Teen Mom XXX’ or something like that….Now this cunt is on the abomination that is Celebrity Big Brother, with a new pair of plastic tits and celebrity status….

We live in a world where slags like Abraham, Kardashian and Katie Price are seen as celebrities… I partly blame Beckham for this modern celebrity famous for nothing culture…. After all, he married that talentless, obnoxious cunt, Posh (except she isn’t!) and with her help, they became a ‘celebrity couple…’ And this (especially her) set the template for the famous for fuck all celebrities we have today…

Nominated by: Norman

Carol Vordeman [3]


Carol Vordeman is a cunt….

I thought she was alright in those early Countdown episodes and throughout the 90s… Not at all flash, far from stupid and even attractive… She was rather sexy back then…

Fast forward to 2015…. Plastic surgery to the fizzog, a huge pair of plastic tits, a very bad peroxide dye job… Does all kinds of tacky books and TV shows, and also now does the bottom end of the celebrity magazines circuit: with other cunts like Colleen Nolan, Denise Welch and those Birds Of A Feather cunts…. Vorderman was one of the more intelligent and real women on TV… Now she’s a professional celebrity and looks like one of those old slags from those horrible ‘Real Housewives’ shows…. Goes to show how a bit of money and fame can change a person, and not for the better….

Nominated by: Norman

Rita Ora


Rita Ora is a cunt…

This tuneless bint is basically (like Rihanna. Cyrus, Perry, Minaj etc) another slag masquerading as a singer. She will do any old crap if the money is right (how else can you explain appearing on both The Voice and The X-Factor? Ora is another one who flashes the lot and does suggestive videos, then complains about the press not respecting her or her privacy.

Then there’s the whole Cara-Delevingn (another cunt!) being her ‘Wifey’ and other such cod-chav bullshit. Not to mention her seeing off more blokes than World War I (That Calvin Harris would shag anything, and he does!)

I remember when female singers and musicians had a bit of brains and substance (Laura Nyro, Kate Bush, Joan Armatrading being some of them) but now female popular music is just one big peep show with a very crap soundtrack, thanks to the likes of Ora and all those other twerking tarts…

And she looks (and sounds) like Sy Snootles from Jabba The Hutt’s house band.

Nominated by: Norman

Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj is a stupid stunned cunt with no talent and a fake arse.

The only reason she got a record contract is because she probably blew 20 guys probably executives and managers so she could infect shite music to the masses. I assure you her Muzak propaganda is worse than opium.

Supposedly her music sounds really good on MDMA though. (Just joking it still sounds like shite!)

Nominated by: Titslapper