Rod Liddle


Spectator journo Rod Liddle is using the brutal killing of Jo Cox as an excuse to call off next Thursday’s referendum vote ‘as a mark of respect’ to the murdered MP

When you sink to using an event like this further your own political views, then you sink below the level of pond life.

The cunt should be ashamed of himself!

Nominated by: Dioclese

( …and is my imagination, or does he look like that other cunt Geldof? )

Chris Spivey [2]

A monkey wearing a Chris Spivey T-shirt

A monkey wearing a Chris Spivey T-shirt

Chris spivey deserves a massive re-cunting as the fat ignorant conspiracy theorist cunt is claiming, predictably, that the Tunisian massacre didn’t happen and was staged by “crisis actors”…

Nominated by: Fred West

A cunt out of his own mouth :

your own common sense should leave you laughing at events such as this latest crock of horseshit coming out of Tunisia

Lying British crisis actors more commonly known as Pondlife Traitor Arse-wipe Shitheads make up some hysteria inducing old bollocks after being trapped in their own tiny fucking minds and given a strict mandate to work non-existent Terrapins hurling FUCK ALL at anybody into their fantasy

The gunman who was later shot dead was named as Seifeddine Rezgui, 23 – in other words, an unpronounceable name commonly given over to nonexistent terrapins by the woefully inadequate, government sponsored false flag, scriptwriters

15 Britons were among the 38 who were mercilessly killed in the massacre yesterday and that number ‘may well rise’, Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood has said. Yeah, Tobias will be waiting on a phone call from the Cunt Cameron to tell him whether to increase the number of British dead or not.

7/7 was a false flag attack too although that was carried out on British soil. Are the Monkey-Boyz saying that this false flag in Tunisia was carried out on the orders of the British Government? Or did ISIS telephone the Cunt Cameron and tell him that this was an attack specifically targeting the British.

I apologize most sincerely for inflicting this piece of disrespectful, egotistical, sadly deluded piece of pond life on the public. I shall immediately commit suicide to asuage my guilt, realising that Chris will probably say that Cameron had me bumped orf in a false flag attack.

Nominated by: Chris Spivey’s Mum

Jared Kreft


Jared Kreft – a man charged with possession of marijuana and giving a horse a blow job.

Kreft was discovered inside a barn with a marijuana pipe and a jar of petroleum jelly, according to court documents. He was also wearing a face mask and trousers with a hole cut in the crotch area. Police say Kreft told them he had been watching ‘horse pornography’ before going to the barn, performing oral sex on the horse there and then trying to arouse the horse with his hand.

Kreft was charged with sexual gratification with an animal sex organ, possession of drug paraphenalia, possession of marijuana as a repeat offender and bail jumping.

It is so far unclear who owns the barn and horse. Fucking priceless…!

Nominated by: Norman

Neil Hamilton


For fuck’s sake what’s the matter with you cunts?!?

I cannot believe that no cunt out there has ever cunted this cunt on “…is a cunt”. And now just to make things worse, his cunt of a mate Farage has finally managed to get the cunt onto UKIP’s NEC. What’s the matter with UKIP? Have the cunts got a death wish?

This cunt is a fucking electoral liability. The rank and file membership think he’s a cunt, I think he’s a cunt and, frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the fragrant Christine thinks he’s a cunt.

Neil Hamilton is cunt amongst cunts; a veritable ubercunt; a cunt so large it could could swallow the Houses of Parliament. Whole. In one gulp. Cunts don’t come more cuntish than that!

Yes, Neil Hamilton IS a cunt – and anyone who disagrees is also a cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

Shaun Wright

David Crompton_Shaun Wright

Shaun Wright, Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, is an incompetent cunt who presided over children’s services for Rotherham Council from 2005 until 2010 during which time we now believe some 1,400 kids were sexually abused.

If he had any shame at all, he’d fuck off and let someone infinitely more suitable do the PCC job – or has he got something more to hide? I think we should be told…

Nominated by: Dioclese

I hereby cunt anyone culpable for the Rotherham child abuse scandal. Black, white, civilian, copper, Christian, Muslim, MP, whoever you fucking are.

Where the fuck to start? 1,400 kids abused over years. Hundreds of people knew and either turned a blind eye or simply denied it. Words fail me as to my feelings towards those responsible, and just as bad, those who let down these kids. The perpetrators need exterminating. The people who let them down need naming on huge posters.

Live with that shame you cunts. Fuck you!

Nominated by: fleaboy