Pay inequality


I’m getting very fed up with hearing about pay inequality.

Now, I don’t know what happens in the private sector, but public sector pay is non-gender specific. Plus the ladies get pretty generous maternity leave for when they realise they’re not going to make anything of their lives so decide to spawn instead. I’m assuming the “pay gap” comes when they take career breaks and other forms of unpaid leave to bugger about with their kids.

So the reason you’re paid less is because you aren’t at work.

Can’t see the injustice myself, but of course I’m a typical product of the phallocentric misogynist hideously white society etc etc etc

Nominated by : Guardian Hater

Laura Pankhurst


I want to nominate Emmeline Pankhurst’s great granddaughter, Laura. Apparently, a movie has just been released by the name of ‘Suffragette’. I think you can all guess the plot. Because of it’s subject matter, the movie has been promoted to fuck by the right on media. For some reason, it’s also meant that the great granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, Laura, has been wheeled out at every opportunity to talk about her illustrious relative.

The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, because it turns out that Laura is a ‘feminist activist’, or to put it another way, ‘man hating, swivel eyed loon’. I have a certain amount of respect for Emmeline, because she was fighting genuine injustice and sexism. And she was Mancunian, which always scores brownie points with me. A Moss Sider no less, when it was still a White area.

Anyway, in the interviews I’ve seen with her, Laura hasn’t really offered any insight into her great grandmother. I haven’t learned anything about her that I didn’t already know. All she’s really done is push her ultra feminist agenda. Apparently, the fight goes on, because women still aren’t equal. Us men, (those of us who can actually be described as men anyway, not those mincing metrosexuals), still stubbornly refuse to kow tow to the dungaree wearing, shaven headed, dyke harridans.

We’re still sexist bastards apparently. Still holding women back. Not showing enough respect…blah blah blah. We all know that’s bollocks of course. Women today are far more equal than they ever have been. But it doesn’t stop the likes of Laura Pankhurst, (yes that it is her name. So either no man has been dumb enough to marry her, or she’s using her famous surname as a leg up), from whingeing and whining, and telling lies.

Look love, you’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame. You’ll never be seen as a great woman, like your great grandma. Because you’re not. Accept that, and then get the fuck back in the kitchen. Speaking of which, another advert made by a shaven headed dyke seems to have been pushed. It’s a farm foods ad, with the unfunny half of the two Ronnies. He’s talking to some old bitch about how simple they are to reheat, which brings the reply, “It’s so easy, even a MAN could do it”. Cue dumb looking husband turning around, with a thick as fuck expression on his face.

I really, really wish that fuckwits like Laura Pankhurst would shut up and fuck off! Find a real job, because the ‘job’ you have now, ironically, involves bigotry and hatred.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Charlotte Proudman


Charlotte Proudman, what can you say? A bloke calls her ‘stunning’ in an online message and she complains about being objectified and labels the man a misogynist….

Some of them are never satisifed, are they? If he called her an ugly cow she would whine on about how horrible he was… Pays her a compliment and she still doesn’t like it…. That’s all he said: ‘You sent a stunning picture’… It’s not as if he said ‘Get your tits out, you bitch….’ If she gets hung up about that then there is really no helping her…

Some women -women born not very good looking or with some kind of disfigurement – wait for a compliment like that all their lives…. Her social media blurb states she will fight the ‘male dominance’ of porn and prostitution… Someone should tell this daft mare that the biggest and most powerful pornstars in the world are women (Nikki Benz etc)… Someone should also let her know that women/madams are in charge of some of the world’s biggest brothels…. She also called ‘male dominated’ workplaces ‘repugnant places…’ A misandrist if ever there was one…

Fact is though she is a hypocrite… The Mail (for all its faults) has rumbled her and her own comments to men online… It’s OK for her to call a lad ‘Hot Stuff’ and write ‘Ooh La La’ to another? The difference between that and a man calling her stunning is what exactly?

Nominated by: Norman

Misandrist advertising


The ads that I particularly hate are the ones that imply that all woman are geniuses and men are as thick as pig shit. Fuck right off you bunch of misandrist slags.

Just because advert’s 30/40/50 years ago were somewhat sexist, doesn’t mean you have to get ‘revenge’ by turning it around. It comes across as immature, unimaginative, and pathetic. A sexist prick, is a sexist prick, regardless of gender.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw



Feminists want equal pay for equal work but they want to leave the more dangerous and difficult jobs to men.

Feminists want equal treatment but they will never pay for lunch.

Remember When A Male doesn’t want to take care of their kid he’s a deadbeat dad. When women don’t want to take care of their kid its feminism or women rights. Feminism has polluted the concept of dating and marriage , their ideals have actually made men more misogynist towards women for the most part, but then again I judge a book by its cover and content.

But wait! That’s sexist…

Nominated by: Titslapper