Noam Chomsky [2]

Noam Chomsky is on Newsnight saying the American Republican party is the worst organisation in human history and are more dangerous than ISIS.Fucking irritating pseudo-intellectual cunt!I have always hated him but this has made my piss boil..He also says he would vote for Corbyn if he was English.Says all you need to know.

Nominated by Shaun

Who the fuck is Noam Chomsky?
Actually never mind, anyone who says that the Republicans are that and that he would vote Corbyn is an utter cunt.

….Just google the stupid old cunt, he also says that Labour’s future is with Momentum.

Christ, I’ve only just learnt who this old bastard is and I already hope he hurries up and fucking die already!

Has Noam Chomsky been cunted yet?

I think he should be. Anyone who claims that; the yanks republican party is the most dangerous organisation in the world, is worse than ISIS, thinks that the Labour party’s future lies with the vile Jim Jones like cult known as Momentum, would vote for noted commie lunatic Corbyn, yet another bleeding heart for the murderous, terrorist empowering Palestinians and generally a stupid, delusional, hard left old cretin is well and truly a cunt.

Nominated by prime minister sinister

Stubborn Old People

Stubborn old people are cunts.

Many of us have a old person with health and mobility problems within our families and usually it’s not a big problem unless they are total cunts.They are the persons who need a lot a help, but being the cunts they are, refuse help and make the problems a lot worse for everyone.

They know they can’t drive a car anymore, that it would be a danger to everyone but they still do it in a pathetic attempt to prove that they are still able cunts, which usually ends with a car crash and someone badly hurt.

They know they can’t walk without a cane or a mighty fall may happen but still choose to do it, then they take a bad fall breaking something leaving everyone worried and feeling helpless.

They are cunts because they let their pride win over reality and don’t listen to anyone, making a lot a problems worse for them and their families.I know that being old must be hard, but not accepting it and being a cunt is worse.

Nominated by Elder Cunt.

Fred Dinage


Now appreciate this runner might be a bit orf a handicapper’s nightmare but I give you the Southern Region/news reader TV presenter chappie and Dead Pool nominee Fred Dinage.

Dinage has been at it for so long it is rumoured he started orf in TV as the original three hole doll as used by John Logie Baird in the first TV experiments (look that up yourself cunts). The octogenarian Cunt sits there in a very dodgy ginger barnet with a face moulded oit orf morticians wax next to a moderately fuckable filly looking for all the world like a long dead Russian president still being wheeled out for the May Day Parades.

Have long rated his lascivious Benny Hill type eye rolling and gurning at his co-presenter filly. How he has survived in this PC world escapes me. A true original.

Reminds me orf me late uncle Silas who spent a few stretches in Strangeways for his er….strange ways.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Mary Berry


Mary Berry is annoying, flakey skinned, botox ridden, mutton dressed as lamb. She thinks the world owes her adorance because she can bake a fucking cake, thinking she is everyone’s Nan.

Real Nans cook the fuck out of cakes, and get joy only giving them to those brave enough to try them. And thats what she should fuck off and do.

So you can BAKE, great, now fuck off and do it off my TV you cunt.

Nominated by: King Cunt

( and that Paul Hollywood’s a right cunt too!..)

Yoko Ono [3]


Q : What’s small, yellow and lives off dead beetles?

A: Yoko Ono.

Generally speaking I would normally be against drilling massive holes into the water table and filling them with noxious shit, but if Yoko doesn’t like it I think we should press on regardless, she is such a pretentious, up her own arse, slitty eyed cunt.

Nominated by: Termujin

Also knows fuck all about music

Nominated by: ChasCMusic

I fucking hate that fucking Nip, Yoko Ono. Talentless cunt with a face that would worry rats. Shame her parents weren’t hanging around ground zero, Nagasaki in August 1945.

Nominated by: Flaxen Saxon