Matt and Lori Duron

Matt and Lori Duron are utter cunts.I think the picture above speaks for itself.This is their 10-year-old son C.J who is “gender nonconforming or gender variant”.They took him to a pride event and anyone who is familiar with pride knows that it is overtly sexual and filled with cunts wanting to shock and disgust people and blame it on homophobia.As you can all probably guess the Mother Lori has written a book based on a blog called “Raising the Rainbow” discussing her son’s fondness for girl clothes and toys despite him also liking boys clothes and stuff.I tried reading the blog but it was badly written narcissistic garbage (No surprises there) but was filled in the comments section with vacuous brown nosing comments with key buzz words such as “inspirational” and all that utter new age wank.I bet these arse licking commenters would cheer if the parents made their son shove a used tampon up his own arse!

What perfectly illustrates these morons despicable lack of self-awareness and responsibility is their response to Hollywood Actor James Woods tweeting to the above picture “This is sweet. Wait until this poor kid grows up, realizes what you’ve done, and stuffs both of you dismembered into a freezer in the garage “.They accused Woods of attacking their son and did not mention or seem to comprehend he was criticizing them as parents for blatantly using their child in an exploitative fashion in order to further their Social Justice agenda.Turns out the boy has been documented by his parents publicly since 5.Fucking 5? I bet if a child was being raised in a religious cult then these modern parents lookalikes from VIz would gasp at how awful it was even though they are guilty of the same sort of coercive abuse.I love how they and the Twittermongs and their fans such as shirt lifter Neil Patrick Harris don`t appreciate that exploiting a child in such a way is likely to cause them severe psychological problems down the line which is what James was getting at.

The funniest irony is that these so called parents would not let their son stay at Pride when they went home.So that is where they draw the line.At least there is one I guess.Fucking pitiful excuse for parents!CUNTS!!!!!!

Nominated by Shaun

Stubborn Old People

Stubborn old people are cunts.

Many of us have a old person with health and mobility problems within our families and usually it’s not a big problem unless they are total cunts.They are the persons who need a lot a help, but being the cunts they are, refuse help and make the problems a lot worse for everyone.

They know they can’t drive a car anymore, that it would be a danger to everyone but they still do it in a pathetic attempt to prove that they are still able cunts, which usually ends with a car crash and someone badly hurt.

They know they can’t walk without a cane or a mighty fall may happen but still choose to do it, then they take a bad fall breaking something leaving everyone worried and feeling helpless.

They are cunts because they let their pride win over reality and don’t listen to anyone, making a lot a problems worse for them and their families.I know that being old must be hard, but not accepting it and being a cunt is worse.

Nominated by Elder Cunt.



Non smokers are joyless, self-righteous cunts.

During the winter, thanks to our stupid anti-smoking laws, I have to stand outside in the snow and pissing rain to pursue my favourite pastime.

As soon as the weather improves, these cunts are in the beer garden with their spoilt, screaming brats and they assume they have some kind of right to complain as soon as I light up.Well, they can all fuck off because they’re cunts.

As soon as they can shut up their ill-mannered, selfish, noisy cunt offspring, I’ll put my ciggie out, but until then, they can fuck off and find somebody who might give a flying fuck about what they think. Cunts

Nominated by: little lord cuntleroy

Rebecca Minnock


Rebecca Minnock is a cunt. She runs away with her little lad after full custody of him has been given to the child’s father, then when the story breaks nationally, she doesn’t ring him or anyone else close to the family to inform them of his safety, she runs to the fucking Sun.

Pours out her sob story in an attempt to make HER look like the wronged party here, no doubt to gain a few quid in the process, the self-concerned, selfish, fat-faced cunt.

The bitch wants us to think the courts have made a terrible mistake, well here are the FACTS my dear Rebecca :-
1. I KNOW the court decided to give her ex full custody of the boy while allowing her only SUPERVISED visitation. I don’t know the reasons but I’m guessing it’s because she’s a fucking loon or, as is clear, a terrible mother.
2. Only one of the parents involved in the case have fucking legged it with the toddler because they haven’t got their way and then gone on the run, costing the rest of us in getting police to chase here, while they could have been doing something useful like being racist or eating. That parent is you Rebecca, you cunt.

No doubt the media will fawn over her like a mother wronged and end up on a mutual bean-flicking exercise like the putrid Loose Women.

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto