Sony Pictures


Sony Pictures are a bunch of cunts. They produce a film that is so crap that nobody wants to watch it (see Scaryducks review here) and then manufacture their own cyber attack to publicise it and make people want to rush out and see it.

Then as a result the CIA decide to launch a cyber attack on North Korea’s internet system pushing the world closer to global nuclear war.

The end of the world as we know it? Possibly – but what the fuck! We got people to watch our shit film.

What a bunch of greedy, short sighted, self centred, money grubbing cunts!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Amateur Aid Workers

British man Alan Henning, currently held hostage by Isis

Stupid, selfish, holier-than-though do-gooders who end up having their heads cut off in the Middle East need an apocalyptic cunting.

Constant warnings from organisations and governments for people not from these places who end up sticking their fucking noses in to stay the fuck away just aren’t enough for these pricks.

While their friends and family are wringing their hands daily over the stress of the announcement Jihadi John is standing over their loved ones headless corpses on Youtube, the likes of these ridiculous cunts who have spent their earlier years back-packing through Inuit country to find themselves feel duty bound to sit next to legless bomb victims and present a furrowed brow as if that will change the world. Worst thing is when the last sentence on the news report is ‘He leaves behind a wife and 4 children under 10’!!!

Fucking stay at home and be a responsible adult you fucking selfish super cunts!!!

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

Neil Hamilton


For fuck’s sake what’s the matter with you cunts?!?

I cannot believe that no cunt out there has ever cunted this cunt on “…is a cunt”. And now just to make things worse, his cunt of a mate Farage has finally managed to get the cunt onto UKIP’s NEC. What’s the matter with UKIP? Have the cunts got a death wish?

This cunt is a fucking electoral liability. The rank and file membership think he’s a cunt, I think he’s a cunt and, frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the fragrant Christine thinks he’s a cunt.

Neil Hamilton is cunt amongst cunts; a veritable ubercunt; a cunt so large it could could swallow the Houses of Parliament. Whole. In one gulp. Cunts don’t come more cuntish than that!

Yes, Neil Hamilton IS a cunt – and anyone who disagrees is also a cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

Victoria Beckham, UN Ambassador


I am convinced that the world runs on irony. First the UN makes Tony Blair a peace envoy, then they give him an award as Philanthropist of the Year (I didn’t even know he collected stamps!). Then the UN takes on Bono as special advisor to Wanky Loon. But now they’ve appointed none other than Victoria Beckham as an ambassador. FFS!

So what do you reckon Victoria? “Well, it’s taken me to get to 40 to realise I have a responsibility as a woman and as a mother.” Amazing! She’s been a woman for 40 years and despite her three kids, she’s just realised she’s a mother.

“For some reason people will listen to me. This is the beginning of an incredible journey for me.” Yep, I can’t explain it either but I sure as hell agree that it’s incredible.

Apparently she missed the opening of her shiny new London store to be there saying she felt her public profile meant she had a duty to do more about woman’s health. Bollocks! The only thing Victoria Beckham ever gave a flying fuck about was Victoria Beckham and the promotion of Brand Beckham – so this all fits in as a nice little profile raiser and money earner.

I should know. I’m married to the cunt!

Nominated by: David Beckham

Mary Berry


Mary Berry is annoying, flakey skinned, botox ridden, mutton dressed as lamb. She thinks the world owes her adorance because she can bake a fucking cake, thinking she is everyone’s Nan.

Real Nans cook the fuck out of cakes, and get joy only giving them to those brave enough to try them. And thats what she should fuck off and do.

So you can BAKE, great, now fuck off and do it off my TV you cunt.

Nominated by: King Cunt

( and that Paul Hollywood’s a right cunt too!..)