Class War


Class War are about due for a cunting. That bunch of violent, soap dodging, bigoted, ignorant, left wing fuckwits. They’ve threatened to riot if Zac Goldsmith wins the election to become London Mayor. The very name of this group of democracy hating cock wipes is laughable. Because the vast majority of their members are middle class arseholes, living off trusts provided by mummy and daddy.

In a democracy, even a flawed one like ours, people have the right to vote for any candidate they wish. You have the right to vote for one candidate, or another, depending on their policies, etcetera. You have the right to refrain from voting should none of the candidates be what you want. Sometimes, the person you voted for wins, sometimes they don’t. That’s democracy, and most of us accept that. What you DO NOT have, is the right to spit out your dummy and take to the streets, damaging or destroying other peoples property, simply because the majority of people voted for the candidate that you hate.

That’s what Class War are proposing if Sadiq Khan doesn’t win. One of their leaders, Jon Rees, is a real piece of shit. He chaired the press conference, at which CAGE, that bunch of muslim filth who love terrorists, praised the cocksucker known as jihadi john. Rees is the dictionary definition of the word, ‘traitor’. This cunt literally hates EVERYTHING British. So I can also assume he hates himself.

And like all knuckle dragging, far left fuckwits, Rees sees it as his holy mission to condescendingly fight for the working class. Even if their actions cause harm to the working class. It never fails to amaze me that these clowns constantly drone on about fighting fascism, whilst using the very same tactics that the Fascists themselves employed. They are far, far too stupid to realise that THEY are they enemy of the Working Class.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Walter Palmer [2]

screen-shot-2015-07-28-at-10-26-56-am1‘Dr’ Walter Palmer is the ignorant piece of shit who is currently the target of the entire planet’s disgust, because he killed Cecil, a very popular lion, who used to live in a Zimbabwean National Park with a compound bow. Palmer bribed two park workers $55,000 to guide him on a hunt for a Cecil. Apparently, he fucked up his first shot, wounding the animal and leaving it pain for two days before finally killing, skinning and decapitating a fairly famous member of an endangered species.

Now, Palmer claims he didn’t know that Cecil was so famous, or that what he did was illegal. The problem he has, is that is he’s known to be a lying cunt. In 2008, he got into trouble in the US, for lying about where he’d killed a bear. He was also fined nearly $3000 for hunting without a licence. There’s also the simple fact that Cecil was lured out of the park and killed on private property. So SOMEBODY knew it was illegal. The even greater tragedy, is the Cecil’s death probably won’t be the only one, because he had had six cubs. When another lion in the pride, apparently named ‘Jericho’ takes over, there’s a strong possibility that he’ll kill those six cubs. So in the end, this selfish cunt will have killed SEVEN lions.

Apparently Palmer has 43 kills, including leopards and rhino. The American half of my family are hunters, and I’ve been with them on several occasions. The difference though, is that my family have never been trophy hunters. There are no animal heads on the walls of their houses. Like many hunters in the US, my family hunt for food, and we’re talking wild hogs, deer, etc. My family regularly hunt with some Apache friends. Once they’ve taken all the meat they need, our Apache friends take the rest, which is a lot, and NOTHING gets wasted.

Scum like Palmer, although they like to think so, are NOT hunters. They are just killers. They have no respect for anything, least of the animals they slaughter. Looking at some of the photos in which he poses with the animals he’s killed, it’s clear that he thinks he’s some kind of hard man. There’s even one Putinesque image of him shirtless whilst lifting a dead leapord. In truth, he’s a small man, with a small mind. Anyone who kills for fun is nothing but a worthless scumbag.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Click [here] if you want to see just what a monumental cunt this bloke is…

Paedo Entertainers


What makes me sick about these light entertainment paedo cunts is the ‘Mr Nice Guy’ personas they put on and everyone fell for….

In the 70s I remember my mum saying “He’s a good bloke that Jimmy Savile…. He works in kiddies hospitals for nothing…” To which my dad cynically (and rightly) replied: “Come off it! Nobody in this world does nothing for nothing… There must be some sort of pay off…” And how right the old fellah was… They all did it: Savile and his ‘Saint Jimmy’ image…

Stuart Hall, the laugh-a-minute Court Jester of BBC telly… And of course Rolf, with his wobbly board and his loveable eccentric act… One can imagine some poor kid grassing Harris up in the 70s or 80s and the response they got… “That Rolf Harris?! Impossible! He does all those silly songs and cartoon time for the kiddies… Not him, never… He’s too nice!”

Same goes for Jim’ll and his ‘endless charidee’ work and Hall with his madcap football commentary and his showbiz smarm… That is what is really disgusting about sickos…. Their nice guy and zany funster routines were an act and they knew it… They also knew what they were doing, they knew why they were doing it and they enjoyed it… Reveling in their own fame and getting their kicks at the same time…

Nonce scum…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

Valerie Solanos


Fillies need to live a little. However the whole wimmins rights thingy is such a bore these days. Back in the 60′s and ugly slapper name of Valerie Solanos started S.C.U.M – the Society for Cutting Up Men. Amazed to find out it it still around in various forms.

Ms Solanos main claim to fame is an attempt to kill Andy Warhol in 1968 so the filly aint all bad. Unfortunately being typically female she muffed it.

To see some Swedish slappers having a little girly fun, click here. Total cunts!

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

( Thankfully, the bitch is a dead cunt. Ed. )

Scrounging single mothers


Single mothers who deliberately breed for benefits then let their feral fuckers run wild in the streets, as they sit in front of the telly in greasy sweat pants chain-smoking with their yellow fingers, and drinking gin made by Eastern-block peg-sellers are cunts!

The spawn of these single mothers have small heads, look like weasels, and think their job is raping old women and stabbing cats as they grow up.

Nominated by: Demigog