Ntokozo Qwabe

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Ntokozo Qwabe needs a serious cunting. He’s a South African student studying at Oxford. Qwabe is one of the leaders of a group cunt students, who are demanding that a Statue of Cecil Rhodes be removed, because it offends them. Naturally, Oxford have told them to grow the fuck up and get a life. Actually, they haven’t they’re being pussies, as left wing scum usually do.

Qwabe is exactly the type of foreigner I despise more than any other. More than muslims. The foreigner who comes to the UK, and then becomes politically active. I have to say, I’m sorely tempted to use a certain word starting with ‘N’ when talking about this piece of shit, but I won’t. The big problem Qwabe has, is that his studies at Oxford are being funded by a scholarship set up by Cecil Rhodes. Although, this uppity n…err…non-white shit house, reckons that the money was stolen from his ancestors, so he’s not in any way a hypocrite.

That aside, this jumped up little cunt has NO right coming to this country and telling US what to do. Tatchell and Greer have been allowed to get away with it. This prick should be told, in no uncertain terms, that he either shuts the fuck up and shows some gratitude for his FREE education, or he’s on the first plane back to the shit hole he came from.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Josie Cunningham


I’d like to offer up for a long overdue cunting, Josie Cunningham. Bad enough that I have to see my taxes go on supporting wasters like her, who screw the benefits system for anything they can get.

Infuriating that this woman gets £4,800 for a boob job on the NHS whilst hundreds of OAP’s, die before they can get the treatment they need, but the arrogance, stupidity and selfishness of this chavette, with her latest idea of selling tickets to her birthing really takes the biscuit.

To then hear the rest of the crap she spouts on an almost daily basis, aided and abetted by the scumbags of the Daily Mirror goes beyond all credulity.

Nominated by: Lez

Dick the Shit


I would like to nominate that bent spined cunt Richard the third. (No coincidence it rhymes with turd).

This cunt, part of the royal scrounger clan, is still sponging up taxpayer pounds long after the bent over cunt is dead! They don’t know where to bury the fucker.

I say take it to the nearest tip horse the bones out the back of a transit and be fucking done with it. Royals are cunts – dead or alive.

Nominated by: Cripplecock



While we’re on the subject of benefit scroungers, this bunch of whinging, poverty pleading, cunts are always on our TV screens, in our newspapers etc for one thing and one thing alone, reminding us all how supposedly hard up they are. Meanwhile, they drive around in their new, top of the range vehicles in their tweeds drawing thousands of pounds a year from the public purse.

I know of several of these cunts who draw around 70K a year in subsidies from national/international government for doing fuck all to “support their businesses” and they still manage to make a loss. !!!

Seriously, where these cunts are concerned, we desperately need another Harrying of the North – South, East and West too.

Nominated by: lousmorrells

Scrounging single mothers


Single mothers who deliberately breed for benefits then let their feral fuckers run wild in the streets, as they sit in front of the telly in greasy sweat pants chain-smoking with their yellow fingers, and drinking gin made by Eastern-block peg-sellers are cunts!

The spawn of these single mothers have small heads, look like weasels, and think their job is raping old women and stabbing cats as they grow up.

Nominated by: Demigog