Andy Burnham [4]

Fuck off, Andy Burnham, you disingenuous venal virtue signaller of a cunt…. You make me sick with your bullshit faux outrage… I spit on you, you fucking Scouse bastard pro-muslim cunt…..

Nominated by Norman (and everyone else on recent threads)

Steven Gerrard [2]


Steven Gerrard is a Scouse cunt… The arselicking that ‘Stevie G’ was getting before today’s match was puke inducing… How hilarious it was when the bindippers’ sacred cow got sent offf (and also the fact that United turned them over!)…

Gerrard being sent off gave Liverpool an advantage, he’s been crap for sometime now and with ten men they put in more effort…

Ballotelli is a fucking cunt too….

Nominated by: Norman

Paddy McGuinness [3]

paddy hotel gb_A2

Paddy McGuinness is a right (or should I say ‘reet’) cunt….

This knob is simply famous and on telly for being Peter Kay’s mate… All that ‘Me likey!’ and ‘Ding Dang Do!’ bollocks irritates the fuck out of me.. Then there’s his Gregg’s commercials and the slapperfest that is ‘Take Me Out’…

But what is worse than Paddy McGinness infesting out TV screens? His wife doing the same thing…. A Scouse (Scouse? I ask you!) skank with plastic tits and a voice that could peel paint off the Blackpool Tower… You can tell the lad aims high and likes a bit of class (Yeah, reet!)…

Nominated by: Norman



There are some great cities, but I can’t say the same about Liverpool, having been pissed on by drunken scousers one wet night as I lay in my sleeping bag queuing for a passport back in 1981.

Liverpool deserves cunting not just because I was soaked in scouse-piss, but for them inflicting Arthur Askey, Ken Dodd, Kenny Everett and Alexi Sayle on us. I’d also nominate them for the worst musical crap they produced in the 1960’s such as Cilla and Jerry and the Pacemakers. As far as the rest goes, that bloody awful series “Bread”.

Miserable city, the only redeeming part being the ferry over to the IOM for the T.T.

Nominated by: Lez

( I’d have given that blond one in the Liver birds one tho’ Ed. )

Wayne Rooney [3]


Wayne Rooney is a prize cunt.

I have been a Stretford Ender man and boy for over 35 years. But I loathe this syrup wearing, whoremongering, moneygrabbing, skiving scouse twat.

The fact that this bellend is United captain: following greats like Robson, Buchan, Bruce, Law, Cantona, Charlton etc makes we want to puke…

With our back four (three? Whatever) already fucked this scouse bastard decides to kick some Hammers player in the knackers and gets a three game ban. He is just a cunt who is there for the money and he is a fucking liability.

Nominated by: Norman