Rumanian Pimps


T’aint this Capitalist world wondrous me dears. For every need up springs a market. Now doine me neck orf the woods the seasonal field work is slowing until the Christmas period and many orf the migrant fillies are looking for a spot orf sex work to tide them over until they start the turkey plucking. Simple rural ways.

Many orf these fillies are Rumanian, indeed quite a colony orf ’em and they range from the decrepit to the well worth thinking about or at least getting a supply orf antibiotics in from me quack. Fly in the ointment is that the prozzies are not self employed if you get me drift. They work under the aegis orf some Rumanian cunt who tours the area in a battered Merc towing a caravan in which to offer the necessary. Must admit I orn occasion turn a nice few quid orf the cunt by allowing access to me barns and stables and hiring oit riding crops and leather saddles and such like.

Problem is el cunto is as dodgy as they come and I know he is robbing me blind. The cunt is connected and half the county depends orn him and his mates for a steady supply orf field labour so we have to take it. Did I hear you say Plod? Bollocks to that. All deep in the cunt’s pocket. Anyway you cunts depend on such arrangements for your meat and two veg. Gangland extortion in rural England shock horror.

Roll orn Christmas.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Romanian migrants


I would Like to Cunt Romanians, or Romaniacs as they should be known.

I have had a family move in next door. The Kids are nice but the parents? They are loud (hear the Cunts through the walls) and antisocial. I am sure the Father is a thieving Cunt as they have loads of wires in the back garden which appeared over time. I saw one of the elder Kids peeling them to get the copper or whatever the fuck metal it is.

Now don’t get me wrong I am partial to a bit of Romanian, (Had a fling with a sexy Hotel worker in Cyprus) and generally the women are nice but a lot of the new arrivals here seem like Cunts. My neighbours don’t seem to work, live in a two bedroom house with 5 kids, I wonder who the fuck pays for it all? Ridiculous.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt