eBay – a market of cunts!

A friend of mine recently wanted to bid for an item but was not happy that the robbing cunt of a seller was asking 15 fucking quid for postage. Luckily she found another similar item for the same price from a local seller so arranged the purchase to collect. Only this cunt was worse. The fucker failed to mention missing parts till the 11th hour, so my friend told him to fuck himself, quite rightly the cunt. Of course by now she’d missed the first cunt’s sale and there was only one more available from some cunt asking £50 more, so he got fucked off as well.

I once won a Cocteau Twins CD off there for a quid. The cunt selling must have been miffed ‘cos the tightarsed fuck failed to dispatch the cunt for six fucking weeks. I gave the bastard some right negative feedback, I can fucking tell you.

What I also hate about these cunts is how 99% of items are now fucking buy it now. The cunts don’t even let you nab a fucking bargain like they used to when it was all bids. And don’t get me started on Pay Cunting Pal, I wouldn’t trust that fucking set up again after the cunts got hacked that time.

Nominated by: Dead Bill

Ebay are cunts, buying is usually ok, selling can be a financial fucking minefield of ways ebay can hold on to your dosh under a smokescreen of ‘buyer protection’ loopholes!

Nominated by: Pagliacci

Chelsea Clinton


CHELSEA CLINTON – what a cunt!

The cunt has never had a (real) job yet charges around $75,000 (+expenses) for 10-minute speeches (usually about diarrhoea – not shit).

The fucking cunt is a third of the money-laundering pay-to-play Clinton Foundation, that has $500 million of donations on the books (and $3billion under the table), that the three Clinton psychopaths/sociopaths/rapists/killers/kleptocrats/petty-thieves/perverts/con-artists/Satan-worshipers use it as a personal tax-free slush fund. Less than 6% of the (charitable) Clinton Foundation goes to charity.

Everything about Chelsea Clinton carries the mark of the beast. The unholy filth even went to University College of Oxford (the giving anus of evil on Earth) and got some fake degree in fuckmupery from the shit monkeys that run the toilet.

Nominated by: Larry

The Sex Pistols


The Sex Pistols are routinely cited as one of the greatest bands in history, along with their debut (and only) album Never Mind the Bollocks… The truth is the Pistols had nothing to do with music or youth culture…. They were simply one of the greatest marketing operations of all time, whose rise to fame was made immensely easier by the shockingly backward state of 1977’s society…

If there’s one revolution the Pistols kickstarted, it was the idea that anything shocking – no matter how dumb, vacant, or closer to the lowest common denominator – is going to generate cash, and that’s the harvest we’re still reaping to this day with gems a-la Pete Doherty, Liam Gallagher, or even Jade Goody…. Get your name in the paper through whatever stunt or nonsense, look wasted, wear the right clothes and wag that oh-so-rebellious finger and half the job’s done…

Look at the publicity generated by one of the most stupid moments in the history of British telly, the Bill Grundy interview in which the affected young clowns make the presenter’s job stupidly easy. “Go on, you’ve got another ten seconds. Say something outrageous.” “You dirty bastard”. “Go on, again”. “You dirty facker! Worra facking rotta!”. If you’ve got a pet dog at home you may know exactly how it works…..

And then there was that swastika wearing, samckhead, psychotic prick, Sid Vicious… He was a proper cunt…

Nominated by: Norman



Kiss are cunts…

Their music is mediocre at best but it’s not like they (or their fans apparently) care… Kiss are in it for the money and pussy… Kiss is a franchise and Gene Simmons is probably the only so-called rock star to be open about the only true motive why he’s part of it: business…. I applaud Mr. Simmons for his honesty but he’s still a ridiculous cunt..

Equally stupid as his music are his so-called political views…

Nominated by: Norman



Scientology is overdue for a cunting.

What brings this cunting to the fore is the letter that dropped onto my doormat yesterday, inviting me to join a course on detoxification with the ‘church’ of cuntology.

Apparently, for a fee I can go to a scientology centre and have numerous toxins removed from my system including street drugs, prescription drugs, petrol / diesel and Asbestos.

Now call me a cunt, but I always thought that removing drugs from your system is pretty easy. Don’t start taking them in the first place.

Asbestos on the other hand is an absolute cunt of a substance and any poor fucker who gets it in their lungs is in for a slow and painful death. There is no cure.

My ex father-in-law is currently wasting away from asbestosis and I have already seen one of my engineers go the same way. It is a heartbreaking and terrifying way to die for all involved.

The reason I fucking despise Scientology is that they prey on the gullible and vulnerable…..and then relieve them of all their cash and worldly belongings when they are at their lowest ebb.

I have seen the way they recruit, their brainwashing techniques and the downward spiral into something approaching mental illness of those unfortunate enough to get wrapped up with them. All first hand.

L. Ron Hubbard was a mediocre science fiction writer, not a prophet. The ‘church’ members are a bunch of deranged, manipulative cunts and they can take their billion year contracts, roll them up and insert them fucking sideways.

Fuck them, fuck all of them to hell and back!

I hope they die screaming. The cunts!

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls