Richard Branson (11)

Richard fucking Branson. Again.

This grinning, bearded, hippy arsewipe is seeking to outcunt Geldof, if that is at all possible.

‘Richard Branson, the British billionaire behind the Virgin group of companies, announced last week that he was planning to hold a concert to raise money for aid for Venezuela – inspired by similar benefits like Live Aid.’

Branson is again seeking publicity opportunities to puff up his pathetic profile. Well why not? LiveAid did such a lot of good for Ethiopia didn’t it? Well, it certainly didn’t do Soapdodger any harm. In fact U2, Queen, Geldof and a few warlords did very well indeed.
We can only hope that Branson benefits in like fashion.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Richard Branson [10]

A cunting for Virgin Atlantic and the bearded, grinning, hippy cunt Branson.

‘Virgin Atlantic is to stop working with the Home Office on forcible deportations from the UK of people deemed to be illegal immigrants.
The British airline says it has informed the government of its decision, saying it was “in the best interest of our customers and people”.
It comes amid concern over the removal of Windrush generation migrants and LGBT asylum seekers.’

These cunts have made their money out of the Windrush fuck up so are withdrawing from deportations. And of course LBGTXCFSZ gets a mention as if we are turfing out planeloads of Eddie Izzards on a daily basis. Look at us! We are so right-on and caring!

Can this organisation, with it’s subsidy driven sectors and it’s repulsive figurehead get any more despicable? Probably. The cunts.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Richard Branson (9)

Emergency cunting for Virgin trains. They are refusing to sell the Daily Mail. Apparently the snowflakes who work there find the paper offensive! Boo hoo …..

Nominated by kravdarth.

Branson is a fucking cunt. He hoovers up taxpayers subsidies and then fucks off to avoid paying it himself. Now the cunt bans a newspaper from his trains because the staff object to it. What a load of fucking bollocks!!
Like they can object to anything.

“Excuse me Mr Branson I object to the slave wages you pay us.”

“ Oh yeah…..well there are plenty of Poles, Lithuanians and assorted Muzzies to take your place. Don’t like it then fuck off cunt.”

Cunt has banned the Mail because it’s not a pro EU toilet roll. Bastard fucking cunt.

Nominated by Freddie The Frog.

Richard Branson (8)

That desert island dwelling pirate Long Silver Beardy Branson has been telling porkies. Well I never!

He has been caught with his Bermuda shorts around his ankles over ‘Traingate’ last year. After a seven month wait, a small media outlet called Double Down News which requested the full version of the CCTV camera footage from the ‘Traingate’  incident has been reluctantly given it by Virgin Trains. Some bits are still missing due to  Virgin’s ‘technical difficulties’ (oh yeh) but it clearly exonerates comrade Corbyn.  The new footage  shows there were plenty of other passengers sitting on the floor of the Virgin train and all those “empty” seats, we saw last year, were in fact taken. Occupied by children and adults which in the original selective footage were invisible, now when run continuously, appear visible for a few seconds in frame as they fidget around or return to their seats. So it would now seem our tax exile Dickie handed over a doctored version to the media last year – the naughty cabin boy.

So what are we to conclude? 

First, Jezza was actually telling the truth, on this occasion, which I know is not a popular notion among cunters here, yet there you have it.

Secondly, Dickie once again shows himself to be a shifty, untrustworthy, E.U. schlong sucking globalist:

  • While he enjoys his billionaire lifestyle on his tax haven private isle in the Carribean he still has the front to raise the question of a second EU referendum.
  • He also should not be allowed within a Pendolino train’s length of another railway    franchise, since he runs ram-packed trains without sufficient seating for a rip-off priced ticket.
  • Then, there is the ‘small’ matter of him suing the NHS for £82 million since he lost out on a contract to provide healthcare sevices in Surrey. If the NHS loses this case, some children or old people may die due to lack of funding. As if he cares what is best for the country and it’s people and not just his bank balance.

However, to give him credit, where credit is due, as an advocate of open borders he does practise what he preaches. His luxury desert island is open to all, including migrants who can endure the 3000 mile rubber dinghy journey across the stormy Atlantic. For only the “nominal” cost of £330,000 per week, a migrant can enjoy an all inclusive stay for himself and upto 29 of his wives and children, subject to passport checks I am sure. By the same token any ex-Towering Inferno residents still in need of accommodation are also welcome but it is unclear at this time, if the smug bearded pirate takes Department of Work and Pensions payments.

Dickie is a true cunt of the people.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Richard Branson (7)


That bearded prick Branson! After the referendum the cheeky cunt managed to get of his sunbed and fly to Britain and badger the New PM!!

Crying like a FUCKIN’ baby about how Virgin share prices had dropped, single market etc etc, then after telling the British working class they had got it terribly wrong fucked off back to his private Caribbean island!!

Here’s an idea Branson!! FUCKIN’ stay there!!!! Cunt…..

Nominated by: Quislings