Jehovah Witnesses

Jehovah Witnesses are the “tight wads” of Christianity. Cunts think nowt of doffing 10% tithe to their church but when Xmas bowls round the kids get fuck all!

I wouldn’t care, I have no idea where the money goes because every Jehovah church I’ve ever seen (admittedly only 6 or so – but dotted around the country) literally have been like extended wooden shacks or a couple of porta-kabins stuck together!

If then spend more than £50 quid a year on their upkeep I’d be amazed! There’s a rabbit off somewhere in that set-up! Even the watchtower only has a 2 amp energy saver bulb in it these days!



“Yes Johnny.”

“If Jesus was here now, as a child, what do you think he’d be doing today, on Christmas day?”

“Well Johnny, I imagine he’d spend it spreading good will to all men, helping the poor and passing on much needed words of peace and happiness to all. Is that what you think too son?”

“Well I don’t know about that Dad, but I reckon he’d be playing the fuck out of Black Ops on his new PS4 like Charlie is next door!”

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

One Love Manchester “Zleb Fest”

I’m fucking dreading this concert thing tonight in aid of the Manchester victims.

I reckon it’ll even surpass Diana’s funeral for mawkish sentimentality. A load of ignorant pop stars wailing away to a VIP section of minor soap stars, reality tv show actors, assorted right-on social commentators and a bunch of vote-hungry politicians. They’ll all be at the front,with extra security, while the “ordinary” folk can hold their mobile phones up at the back.

Of course,there’ll be no mention of the Elephant in the Room, just endless cant about “Standing United” and “Love conquers Hate.” Nobody’ll dare utter the dreaded “Muslim terrorist” phrase, instead we’ll get tales of how the muslim “Community” helped the victims, and how “shocked” they all are. Presumably not so shocked that they bothered to do anything about the terrorists who they hid,and continue to hide, in their “peaceful community.”

Saints Bono and Bob’ll probably put in an appearance,along with whichever “star” Simon Cowell is currently plugging…is it a dancing dog this year? The over-the-top grief signalling will be unstoppable. Even “Self-Pity City”, Liverpool won’t be able to hold a tear-doused tea-candle to it.

All the weeping and wailing won’t change a fucking thing. Unless this country wises up, and fucking quickly, this muslim terrorism will increase and spread.

Nominated by dick fiddler.

Ticketmaster put aside 14,200 free passes for those people who attended the original concert. They received 25,000 applications from those people claiming to be there that fateful Monday. So, over 10,000 false claims.

Good to see the human spirit of honesty and compassion is burning strong.

The thieving, lying scum that will stoop so low, so as to get a free ticket on the back of other people’s suffering and misery.

Contemptible, miserable fuckwits. I despair.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Muzzie knobheads


As it’s Easter, time for a good cunting for those muzzie knobheads…

Apparently we can’t call that choccy egg thing an Easter egg anymore… In case it offends somebody who prays to a paedophile three times a day….

Can you imagine the carnage if Islam was a genocidal death cult and not the Religion of Peace? There would be regular attacks around the world…. (who said sarcasm was dead?)

The very same people who didn’t condemn Rotherham and Rochdale Muslim sex gangs were gagging to hear the Adam Johnson sentence,so they could say it was not enough…

As Islamists slaughter innocents in Brussels, the EU based in Brussels imports millions more Muslims… Don’t those EU cunts get it yet?

Germany and that frumpy cunt, Merkel, invited and continue to invite this cave dwelling filth into Europe. We need to get the fuck out of the EU shitheap now…

Fucking cunts… Fuck them…

Nominated by: Norman

As it’s Easter let’s spare a thought for Asad Shah, the shopkeeper in Glasgow knifed in a ‘religiously prejudiced attack’ by a knife wielding member of the religion of peace.

Shah tweeted ‘Good Friday and a very Happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation. Let’s follow the real footstep of beloved holy Jesus Christ and get the real success in both worlds.’

Naively trying to prove that not all Muslims are cunts, he was knifed to death by one of the many who actually are. I would say ‘Christ help us!’ but I might be accused of being racially provocative…

Nominated by: Dioclese



Catholicism is a evil religion and the worst form/sect of christianity who through the ages have brought genocide, torture, death, pain, confusion and misery.

I have never said anything good about the Church of England and catholicism in general isn’t even christianity per se. It’s actually a paganized form of it, where in the pope acts as a god who does no wrong infallible ie “incapable of failure or error”.

It also makes it’s own rules and laws which also wants to bring other religions together which is the opposite of christs teaching. The pope is apologetic to islam, has kissed the koran and promotes refugees/migrants and even said extremists have a right to kill if you offend them(this was after the charlie heb’ado attacks).

Paedophilia is a sad state of affairs in catholicism and the church is unapologetic.

Nominated by: Titslapper

David Walker

"I'm just minding this for my Arab friend..."

“I’m just minding this for my Arab friend…”

David Walker, the Bishop of Manchester. Supposedly a Christian, he has a funny way of demonstrating his love for his religion, because he’s just become of a number of so called Church of England priests to sign a letter to Cameron, demanding that we take in at least another thirty thousand Syrian ‘refugees’. Because what the UK really needs is MORE Muslims. Seriously, we just don’t have enough followers of the cult of extreme sadistic violence.

Walker, like his fellow Bishops, lives in a large house. A very large house. It has six bedrooms and has just benefitted from an extensive refit. Walker has announced that he won’t taking any Syrian families into the large home he enjoys, because of the “language barrier and alien culture”.

So he….wait, what? He expects Britain to take in tens of thousands more parasites at taxpayers expense, despite the language barrier and alien culture, yet he refuses to share the burden that HE wants to inflict on the UK. This twat isn’t just a hypocrite, he’s a two faced fucking cunt. Why should communities up and down the country be forced to accept even MORE foreign leeches on this cunt’s say so, when he isn’t even willing to accept any into his home. I actually thought about going to Manchester Cathedral, in the hopes of meeting the prick so I can punch in the mouth. He isn’t worth the fucking trouble though…

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw