Red Bull Flugtag

It’s that time of year for the Red Bull Flugtag. This year it is coming from Pittsburgh USA on 5th August. It all started back in 1971 in Selsey, West Sussex until Red Bull took it over in 1991.

Anyway, enough history, what actually happens is that all kinds of mad cunts enter into a competition in an attempt to fly with some wacky contraptions. It is a cross between the Wacky Racers meets Dastardly and Mutley. In all the years it has been running, without fail, none of the contestants have got far. The flight record is only 258 feet.

If the likes of James Dyson, Boeing, Airbus or NASA entered, they would walk it, or should I say fly it. Since they don’t, it’s just the same old shit, year after year, as cunt after cunt jumps off a pier and crash lands into the water below.

Now, if that daredevil Silver Beardy Branson was to enter I would watch it, just to see him crash spectacularly in an undignified heap or better still jettison himself into space, to be seen last hurtling towards the Sun. We do live in hope, eh?

However, things maybe about to change, as in not many years from now we may well be watching a livelier, err…deadlier version, namely, the Sharia Flying Pig Challenge sponsored by Mecca (not the Bingo). In this new version, they substitute the volunteer nutters jumping off piers in their flying machines, with conscripted gay men – totally wingless so no cheating allowed – being assisted off the White Cliffs of Dover, with only the rocks below. The judges won’t be so much measuring flying distance, but more so the net result, as they will be selected from the Sharia Courts. Extra points will be awarded for the rate of descent and the force with which the ‘contestants’ are pushed. Flailing arms and loud screams will also add to their final scores. Clearly, the casualty rate will go up, as intended, but so will the viewing figures among the propogating peaceful hordes. The winner is at the judges discretion, although, unfortunately he will have to be awarded his prize posthumously.

I think it  maybe time to update those classic Vera Lynn wartime lyrics to….. “They’ll be homos over the White Cliffs of Dover, just you wait and see”

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

One Love Manchester “Zleb Fest”

I’m fucking dreading this concert thing tonight in aid of the Manchester victims.

I reckon it’ll even surpass Diana’s funeral for mawkish sentimentality. A load of ignorant pop stars wailing away to a VIP section of minor soap stars, reality tv show actors, assorted right-on social commentators and a bunch of vote-hungry politicians. They’ll all be at the front,with extra security, while the “ordinary” folk can hold their mobile phones up at the back.

Of course,there’ll be no mention of the Elephant in the Room, just endless cant about “Standing United” and “Love conquers Hate.” Nobody’ll dare utter the dreaded “Muslim terrorist” phrase, instead we’ll get tales of how the muslim “Community” helped the victims, and how “shocked” they all are. Presumably not so shocked that they bothered to do anything about the terrorists who they hid,and continue to hide, in their “peaceful community.”

Saints Bono and Bob’ll probably put in an appearance,along with whichever “star” Simon Cowell is currently plugging…is it a dancing dog this year? The over-the-top grief signalling will be unstoppable. Even “Self-Pity City”, Liverpool won’t be able to hold a tear-doused tea-candle to it.

All the weeping and wailing won’t change a fucking thing. Unless this country wises up, and fucking quickly, this muslim terrorism will increase and spread.

Nominated by dick fiddler.

Ticketmaster put aside 14,200 free passes for those people who attended the original concert. They received 25,000 applications from those people claiming to be there that fateful Monday. So, over 10,000 false claims.

Good to see the human spirit of honesty and compassion is burning strong.

The thieving, lying scum that will stoop so low, so as to get a free ticket on the back of other people’s suffering and misery.

Contemptible, miserable fuckwits. I despair.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

‘Peaceful’ People

Yesterday, did anyone else watch the “peaceful” cunts (the shit programme) “Can’t Pay or We’ll Take It Away!” on CH5!?!   The Mrs watched it.

Here is a surmise:

A shit tat jewellery shop in Birmingrabad. The two gadgeys have a court order to collect monies to the value of ‘X’, so they go in and the “peaceful” cunt owner was quiet as a mouse as they collected stuff from the shop.

He sneaks (yes SNEAKS) off and the next thing is that the bailiff bods get a phone call from court saying that the they were applying for an immdiate writ to delay the collection process.

The two bods carry on collecting stuff – which they’re legally allowed to do – next thing the “peaceful” shop owner returns with another 4 blokes (probably brothers) walks behind one of the bailiffs and twats him off the back of the head calling him a “baldy fuck!”

All brave now and…AND…he had the writ! Now I’m imagining that the Birmingistan court in question was full of “peaceful” cunts and they grease the wheels for their own! Utter utter cunts!

The bailiffs rang plod (rightly fucking so) to file an assault claim, plod duly arrive, they go out and the fucking street was littered with fucking bedsheets walking around. What a fucking site!

And to add insult to injury, while plod arrested the “peaceful” owner, they told the two bailiffs to hop it sharpish for fear of it kicking off.

I’M FUCKING SORRY!!! Colour me simple, colour me fucking stupid, aren’t we allowed to walk the fucking streets and go about our business these days???

Sorry plod but you need to get a fucking grip and start unloading a few black mariahs in riot gear and put paid to these twats! Unless it’s the Cressida Dick’s if this world that wants us to go down the path of Sweden and have designated police no-go districts/towns because they’re full to the brim of “peaceful” cunts!

I have no idea what happened (had to leave the room as I was fucking livid) but I bet the “peaceful” cunt shop keeper didn’t even get a warning, and – as I mentioned in a previous post – on their own they’re fucking cowards, as soon as they get a good dozen bedsheets around them they all of a sudden grown a pair of balls!

No the wonder they use cars and bombs to kill the “infidel” using terror tactics cos they’re too much of a bunch of fucking cowards to square up to anyone mano-e-mano!

And our “law” (legal system and police) let them fucking get away with it and they’re a chippy set of cunts to boot!

This country has been fucked by the religion of “peace”, it’s those cunts, and those cunts alone that need dealing with and shamed and not continually appeased because they’re just a nasty set of untrustworthy cunts to a one!

Fucking “peaceful” CUNTS!!!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!