The Voice newspaper


‘The Voice ‘ newspaper, for fucks sake! Talk about holding 2 opposing views at the same time! On the one hand you say black people should be treated equally, then you go and set up a paper for blacks only!

And you also lump all black people together as though all black people have the same views on everything you totally misguided twats. I’d love to see their reaction if a newspaper was set up that catered only for white people, that would be fucking stupid and so is ‘The Voice’

Nominated by: Ozmandias

Daniele Watts


Since the Daily Fail won’t let me comment on the story, I’m nominating Daniele Watts. In case you’d forgotten, Watts was the Django Unchained ‘actress’ who last September accused the LAPD of racism, because a couple of its officers had the nerve to arrest her and her white boyfriend, for public indecency. Members of the public had phoned the police to report Watts and said beau, for shagging in their car, in public, with the door open.

Well now, she’s written a letter of ‘apology’. I’ve printed it below, so you can judge for yourselves how apologetic she actually is. Personally, I don’t think it’s that much anyway, read on;


‘I want to acknowledge that when we met last September, I allowed fear, shame, and anxiety to prevent me from relating to you in a peaceful way. Hopefully you can forgive the fact that my heightened emotions disturbed what might have otherwise been a carefree stop on your way to a nice cup of coffee.

‘With all the recent news coverage on the issue of biased policing, we probably all have a clearer understanding of the subtle – and often bizarre – ways that racial conflict continues to haunt many people in America. Sgt. Parker, when you said sarcastically, “Thank you for bringing up the race card, I never hear that,” I felt provoked because I had previously encountered many disheartening experiences related to “being black” both in my personal life, and as reflected in society overall. Your willingness to dismiss my experience with sarcasm was hurtful, and caused me to respond defensively.

‘Looking on the brighter side, we do believe that the public discourse that surrounded our encounter was beneficial, as it provided an opportunity for the public to discuss, and more deeply understand the “taboo” subject of interracial relationships. As you may know, interracial marriage was only made legal in the United States in 1967, and for many, it is still a very sensitive issue. I am grateful for our meeting because it allowed me to examine the shame and self-hatred I had been bottling inside, and release it.

‘We truly appreciate role you’ve played in bringing awareness to so many issues.

‘With Love, Daniele Watts & Brian James Lucas.’

Now, when someone has cause to write a letter of apology, it’s traditional to use words like ‘apologise’, and ‘sorry’. I’ve read the letter four times, and I can’t see either of those words. The first paragraph, in my opinion, is more sarcastic than apologetic. “What might otherwise have a been a carefree stop on your way to nice cup of coffee”? Wow, she STILL can’t accept that she did wrong. So straight away, she’s fucked up the apology, by not actually being sorry.

The second paragraph is HER being accusing the LAPD officer of sarcasm, whilst making another, thinly veiled accusation of racism. Yep, definitely not an apology. The third paragraph is her basically accusing the LAPD of hating mixed race couples, whilst trying to be Martha Luther King (see what I did there?).

Watts could not have been less apologetic, if she’d written letter that read;

Dear Pig,

Fuck you, you’re a racist cunt, and I hate you because you’re a racist cunt, and a pig, and you smell of bacon. Oink oink Pig.

Hugs and kisses
Daniele Watts.

Oh yeah, I’m also nominating her because she can’t spell her own fucking name. It’s ‘Danielle”. Two L’s. I know that because it’s also my wife’s name.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

‘Sir’ Lenny Henry [3]


Sir Lenny Henry? What has this cunt got this gong for? For being one of the unfunniest men in the world? For being a first class hypocrite? I bet all the right on brigade will pipe up about Henry ‘Encouarging diversity…’ Which basically means that he constantly moans about there not being enough black people (ie: himself) on television.

Nominated by: Norman

Sir Cunt? Shurely not! For services to ‘charity and comedy’. Well maybe the first (at a push) but comedy? Definitely not! He’s one of the most unfunny fuckers around. Even that fat bird he was married to was funnier. Maybe that’s why she buggered off because his ego couldn’t take it?

Anyhow, I thought you weren’t supposed to talk about these things before they were announced officially. But then how could you expect a racist cunt like Sir Delbert Fucking-Wilkins to respect protocol?

It’s ‘crucial’ they withdraw it immediately. That’d fucking teach the cunt!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Bahar Mustafa


Something that needs a good cunting is Bahar Mustafa.

This sad act, Trotskyite, leftard thundercunt is the student union ‘Divershitty’ officer at Goldsmiths college. Apart from being a ‘right on’ leftist shit-wit, in the style of Rik out of the Young Ones, this shit-cunt twat actually believes that she is the victim after banning white people and men from one of her lefty student fucktard events.

OK. Let the cunting begin with some classic Bahar Mustafa quotes:

“There have been charges laid against me that I am racist and sexist towards white men”.

“I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender”. (WTF!!!???)

“Therefore, women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system.”

OK then fucktard, I dare you to stand in the middle of Tottenham high street and shout the ‘N’ word at the top of your lungs. Surely as a tart and an illegal immigrant you must be immune to an enraged gang of the locals intent on separating your head from your body, a-la PC Keith Blakelock…..Please try it, I’m begging you to try it!

Apparently the righteous shit storm that she has provoked is the result of “A witch hunt and shameful character assassination by the media”.

It gets better:

“Reverse racism and reverse sexism are not real”.

“We will not be silenced; we are militant. The world is not ready for minorities to challenge the status quo, but resistance to our resistance is futile.”

Riiiight. Lets have a look at that little gem shall we.

First up, she seems to think she is the fucking Borg. Second, minorities do not dictate to their host nation how they expect to be treated. This is why the majority of the indigenous population of European countries fucking despise Muslims who refuse to integrate into the culture of their benefits providers. Bahar Mustafa included.

Hashtags such as “kill all white men” and “Misandry” on her personal account were “in-jokes and ways that many people in the queer feminist community express ourselves”.

Okey Dokey love. We in the heterosexual, white indigenous community also have a way of expressing ourselves. It involves sacking fucking idiots who spout the kind of leftist doublespeak bollocks that may actually end up getting someone killed.

And what the fuck is a ‘Queer Feminist’?

As a child of the 70’s I remember vividly some nonce wearing a spunk stained duffle coat poking his knob through the chain link fence and scaring the living shit out of all the primary school kids in the playground.

I also vividly remember the school caretaker rushing the cunt with a broom and then mumbling something about ‘Fucking queers’ as the nonce cunt beat a hasty retreat. To this day a queer is and will always be some fucking perv who likes to expose themselves to little kids.

One imagines that a ‘Queer Feminist’ does exactly the same thing, only at all girl’s schools. Instead of a flaccid penis they wave a blood belching vagina at the terrified kids therein.
In the world of Bahar Mustafa this is probably absolutely fine because is challenges the patriarchal phallocracy or some such shit.

If you peruse the silly bint’s Goldsmith’s website it gets even better, not only because Goldsmith’s was founded and still funded by white, English (and mainly Jewish) MEN, but because it gives a fascinating insight into the truly disturbed and disturbing mentality of the kind of cunts that hold some authority over easily influenced (thick as pigshit) teenage students.

Seriously, take a gander at the laughable shit that the lefty loser posts under ‘her promises’.

Apart from looking like a badly shaved Wookie and clearly having typical student hygiene that you can actually smell through the computer screen (smellier than an Anchovy’s twat I’ll wager) she will most likely end up being sold off to some 60 year old cunt member of ISIS by her parents for bringing eternal embarrassment on her Turkish family.

If her family are reading this, please make it a one way ticket. We don’t want her back.

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

John Barnes


John Barnes deserves to be cunted, for being…well…a cunt. He was on t.v. yesterday, whingeing about not being offered any managerial jobs because, y’know, “I is black innit”. I’ve done a little bit here and it turns out that, far from being denied a manager’s job because of racism, the reason he can’t get a job as manager, is because he’s shite.

He was head coach of Celtic for the 1999/2000 season, and did a piss poor job. He presided over Celtic’s shock loss to Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Anyone remember the headline in the Sun after that defeat? “Super Caley go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious”. He was asked to leave shortly after that.

In 2008, he became manager of the Jamaican national team. To be fair, he actually did quite well with them. But it wasn’t what he wanted, so he got the manager’s job at Tranmere Rovers. He was shite. In his first fourteen games as manager, Tranmere won THREE matches. There’s a rumour that the players gave Barnes and his number 2, Jason McAteer the nickname “Dumb and Dumber”. He was sacked after a 5-0 loss to Milwall. He’s since applied for a job with the Rwandan national team.

I don’t like racists. But I really don’t like cunts who play the race card when they don’t get what they want, especially when there are more plausible explanations. In Barnes’ case that explanation is that he sucks donkey testicles when it comes to football management. And possibly because he talks so fast, no fucker knows what he’s saying. He’s just not cut out for management.

That’s not good enough for Barnes though. He doesn’t get jobs as a manager, because all us white people are fucking racist bastards. This cunt spent too much time in Liverpool. Their perpetual victimhood has rubbed of on him. Fuck you Barnes. If anyone is racist, it’s you.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw