Prince’s death


I saw some Sky News in the Pub last night, from 7pm-8pm, the whole hour was arse-licking and mourning for fucking Prince’s Death with the headline “breaking news” and the same clips, tweets and VT’s recycled over and over again.

I turn on the TV this morning, flick on to Sky news to be greeted with the same “breaking news” headline and same fucking bullshit.

Prince was a cunt and now he’s a dead cunt.

But instead of reporting news they tear the arse out of this story for over 16 hours. FUCK OFF.
God help us when the Queen finally dies, I think the BBC will just put up a testcard with a picture of the Queen and the National Anthem for 6 months solid on BBC1, BBC2, BBC4, BBC News & the Red Button.

So Prince is dead, fine report it now fucking move-on you grief jacking, lazy fucking sad excuse for journalist cunts!

Nominated by: Boaby

And now we’ll see nothing but Prince albums, remixes, compilations, out takes and fuck know what else dominating the charts for the next month. Just like the Bowie cunt only much, much worse ‘cos he’s a yank.

Seriously thinking of faking my own death just to push my sales up on iTunes!

Nominated by: Chas C