Mens Fragrance advertising


I wish to nominate those poxy ‘Mens Fragrance ‘ ads.

For fucks sake come on! Do the the admen who make those fucking irritating things think we are that fuckin stupid. ‘Wear this stuff and you too will become a member of the ’beautiful people’! Errrr, no you won’t – you’ll still be Lee getting up to work your 10 hour shift down the abbatoir. And what’s with those hushed tones? Its just some poxy perfume ffs.

Oh and its also vastly over priced. Thats because its got the word ‘designer ‘ in it innit? There’s not so many of these idiotic ads around at the moment but just watch from late September they’ll be everywhere.

Nominated by: Ozymandias

Robert Christgau


Robert Christgau is a cunt… Anyone who titles himself “Dean of American Rock Critics” has to be a colossal cunt…

One of the earliest ‘professional rock critics’ Christgau is an arrogant bastard who thinks he is an authority and expert on popular music… When in actual fact he has never written, performed or played a note of music in his life… It was this cunt (along with those hippy twats at Rolling Stone) who started the cultural and critical snobbery of turning pop into ‘rock’…

Christgau also began that ridiculous music reviews as school reports shite… Giving a record an A or another letter, instead of saying the album is just good or bad… Now every cunt reviews a record with letter grades, stars, or marks out of ten… How can this wanker claim to be the world’s greatest authority on music and lavish continuous praise on that piss poor Stones comedy act The New York Dolls?!

Christgau is your typical arrogant Village Voice/Rolling Stone ‘Noo Yoik’ snob and a complete cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

Acronym users


People who use fucking acronyms deserve a good cunting.

You know the types, “like O M G” or “L O L” or even worse use a website name “You’re”

They should all be rounded up, forced to work for nothing, fed on Iceland Turkey Twizzlers and treated to endless repeats of TOWIE until they die live on TV – we could call it “I’m a fucking retard, get me out of here and bury me now”

Presented by Ant & Dec of course!

Nominated by: Jimmy Savile’s corpse

Alex James

Alex James

Blur’s Alex James is a cunt…

Alex James has discussed the dominance of solo artists in the current musical climate, claiming that Taylor Swift is “bigger than The Beatles”… So Swift records and releases two great albums a year, plus singles, B Sides, tours and makes game changing works like ‘Rubber Soul’, ‘Revolver’ and ‘Sgt Pepper’? Swift couldn’t even match The Beatles at their worst or weakest… Never mind their best…

Blur were/are a bad Ray Davies/Syd Barrett comedy tribute act… James is a cunt because he thinks there is a current musical climate… There isn’t… People like Cowell, One Direction, Kanye West, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are strangling popular music and soon it will be stone dead…

Nominated by: Norman