Charlie Brooker [2]


Just watched Friday’s Have I Got News For You on the BBC iplayer. Fucking ruined by some smug twat called Charlie Brooker in the chair. Only watched to the end because I was hoping Paul Merton would thump the cunt.

Pretty shocking when Diane Abbott isn’t the biggest arsehole on a TV show. What a total cunt.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

Charlie Brooker is a pseudo socialist cunt, sucking at the teat of the BBC and Guardian whilst appearing to be anti-establishment , married to a coke head (Konnie Huq)

I have indulged in copious amounts of cocaine and I can tell you know she is fucking wired in this picture! It’s obviously photoshopped cleavage, but check her eyes! That’s fucking cocaine, not camera flash!

Nominated by: Boaby

Michaela Strachan


The emaciated fuck-pig, Michaela Strachan. A cunt from Slitland.

This deformed (cock-nosed) dirt-bag has:

    No talent whatever
    No skills
    No face (it looks like a piece of shit that has been poked with a stick)
    No knowledge of anything
    No voice (except the faux-intelligent lower-middle class drone of a cunt)
    No personality (save for the relentless phoney cheerfulness of a child-killer)

How the fuck does the worthless cunt keep getting stuck on the TV, you ask. Well it’s because she’s uglier (inside and out) and dumber than the used jam rags that commission and produce shows on TV.

And the TV lovies they also enjoy the knowing Strachan goes ‘home’ and slashes at her arms and legs with razor blades when they criticize her for being a totally vacuous worthless lower-middle class cunt.

Nominated by: You ugly bastards!

Gary Lineker [3]

Gary Lineker – what a total self-loving, arrogant, self-centred, goody-two-shoe bastard.

Not content on selling shitty crisps, he now ruins our beloved Saturday night football fest with his usual bullshit approach of “I know fuck all about fuck all” attitude.

When talking about Ruud Van Nistelrooy he said bla bla bla ”What`s with the long face?” Well Gary news for you : Ruud was the more complete striker/player than you ever were you fucking gormless cunt, and he`s got the medals to prove it… what did you win you cunt??

Stick to selling crisps `cos as a football analyst/presenter I can`t take you seriously without thinking about you and the stupid fucking annoying/irritating adverts.

Nominated by: Tony

Lucy Worsley


Lisping “I’m all right peasants” posh pudenda Oxbridge mafia aging telly tart presenter of things historical and pop-sensational. Irritating cunt on the BBC gravy train.

Currently smirking and donkey braying her way from chat show to chat show flogging her latest book. One of the ‘new look’ fucking presenters over acting to buggery. Her fashion style is 1950’s escapee from a children’s home.

But is it fuckable? Me pet vulture Gristle intimates that the filly may be into S&M and while as broadminded as any old English aristo and quite happy to let her paddle me arse whilst trussed up like a chicken (thus we won the Empire) I do draw the line at electric violet wands and that kind of malarkey. Me old heart donchaknow.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Anthony Sullivan


I give you a gobby fake Yank presenter cunt from Devon – Anthony Sullivan.

Your one time limited stock opportunity to buy The Homo Suction X5 Personal Steam Cleaner which includes my free state of the art turbo action arse cleaner to blast those stubborn dags of burnt in burger shite where other cleaners fail. Now you got the power of steam, people. Get dialing now you dumb cunts!

Pray tell me the fuck why? Would you buy a used condom from a yank? Would you buy a used and screwed middle eastern country from a yank? Lard arsed nose jobs think they rule the world though they don’t know where most of it is, the cunts. Y’all have a nice day now!

Him and all the other gobby Yank presenter cunts on shopping channels. Cunts, the lot of ’em.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke