Jess Phillips MP


Braindead Islamophile Jess Phillips is a cunt.

Haven’t been to Birmingham for a long time but according to this dumb bint, every Saturday night in Broad Street is like NYE in Cologne. The two cities have broadly similar populations, so comparing them seems reasonable.

800+ sexual assaults, rapes and robberies on one fucking night in Cologne. Meanwhile, West Midlands Police report 5 serious sexual assaults in Broad Street in the past 12 weeks. Yes, Mizzz Phillips, those figures seem pretty similar; Brummie birds are in exactly the same danger as those German woman in Cologne. You fucking thick cunt.

I don’t know which is more nauseating; the Kuffarphobia* of the Islamists or the factophobia* of their “progressive” apologists.

(*I can make up words too.)

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

Maria Miller


Maria Miller is a cunt… More right-on shite from this munter… Miller is basically saying fuck real men and women, let’s wetnurse and cater for the freaks before we give a thought to hard working lorry drivers, air hostesses etc…. Not only are the working class well down the pecking order now, a time will come when actual men and women will be seen as second (or third) class citizens below these trannie cunts… Fuck them all…

Nominated by: Norman

Darren Hughes


Darren Hughes is the Deputy Chief Executive of the UK Electoral Reform Society. How did Kiwi Darren end up with such a well remunerated position? I’m glad you asked.

Back in 2002 Darren was elected as a baby faced Labour MP in New Zealand. For two elections he held the seat of Otaki, before losing it. Fortunately, as NZ has MMP (a form of proportional representation) Darren got to stay in Parliament, due to his list position, there’s no getting rid of troughers in NZ.
Now, Darren trotted along nicely, doing F-all in his time apart from some TV spots. A real seat warmer. He also helped out the Deputy Leader by charging Parliament to rent her spare room, despite Otaki being a three quarter hour commute from Parliament.

It was renting the room where it all came unstuck for Darren. One night, having met a lovely very young man, he took him home to the Deputy Leaders house. The young man was having a lovely time, so lovely that when he came to he was surprised to find himself naked and bent over a Swiss ball. The lovely very young man for some reason decided that the best course of action was to run off stark bollack naked through the streets of windy cold Wellington, where he was found by the Police.

Well, when the Police came a knocking, what do you think happened? No one knew anything! The main media companies didn’t want to pursue the story. The Police seemed surprisingly unwilling to investigate, and the Labour party didn’t wish to comment in case the “prejudiced” the investigation.

Sadly,people kept wondering what happened, and so some very senior policemen, appointed by the last Labour government, looked into things. All of a sudden, the young man didn’t want to press charges. Darren resigned from parliament, and hopped on a flight to Blighty, and lo and behold ended up with his super new job at a Labour party affiliated organisation. Darren loves his new job so much, that for some reason he never seems to want to come back to NZ ever again.

And that is what electoral reform can give to you.

Nominated by: Cato

David Gauke [2]


I can’t remember the specifics but I saw a note on my coffee table that aid “cunt David Gauke” and he was on telly (looking and sounding like an odious sleazy, cunty, cunty, cunting cunt) which jogged my memory.

I do recall Private Eye giving him various cuntings months / years back ‘cos he was / is some sort of finance minister rubber-stamping dodgy tax deals for tory sponsors.

If he told me he loved me I’d gladly shit in his mouth.

Nominated by: Frottom

Natalie McGarry MP


Natalie McGarry MP is a cunt. The rancid munter has allegedly nicked £30,000 from ‘Women for Independence’.

‘Women for Independence’ is a bunch of sour-faced Scottish bitches with fannies smelling of potted meat and dog dicks. The tards put Natalie McGarry in charge of their money (that they were hoping to use for an all-inclusive 2-week holiday to a donkey sanctuary – after losing the scotch Independence vote because they spent no money on the ‘YES’ campaign).

One glance at Natalie McGarry is enough to know her. Even Rain Man would see she is a dead-eyed unscrupulous kleptopath with no conscience.

Everyone who has been to school, college, or university, will know there was a dark smelly corner where fat ugly girls and strange iniquitous creepy deformed boys, destined by nepotism (not merit or vocation) for the public sector or politics, congregated to hone their malicious intentions to do harm, and plan grand theft from the poor.

The cunt Natalie McGarry will probably get away with it and have another 50 years in politics and/or the public sector to satiate her sick need to destroy people’s lives, and will maybe get away with thieving £millions more from the poor.

I hate soulless cunts like Natalie McGarry.

Nominated by: Peter Pee