Menzies (Ming) Campbell

Pre Question Time:

By the way, can I just give a massive pre-cunting to that Goliath of a cunt, Ming, Mong, Mung or whatever the fuck his name is Campbellend. He’s on Question Time tomorrow night so brace yourselves for a flood of meaningless shite to be flooding from the daft old cunt’s pie hole with his jam jar bottoms glasses. What a cunt.

Nominated by kendo nag.

Post Question Time:

Ming Campbell is a cunt. He was on QT and had a moan about Norman Tebbitt referring to “foreigners” in the Lords debate on the Brexit bill.
The description of a foreigner is “someone who comes from a country other than ones own”. So now it’s wrong to be factually correct is it you soppy liberal cunt ?
Absolutely typical of his wishy washy type, where absolutely anything and everything, can be construed as being offensive.

Nominated by Johnson.

Spot the difference Pre- and Post-Question Time?

The voters say not, it would seem.

The political elite


The political elite (self styled) are well at it and proving themselves to be monumental cunts. So up their arses about The Donald’s win, and how this flies in the face of “democracy” their style. All this criticism will bite them in the arse, but what really makes them top drawer cunts is they still don’t get it.

The same with Brexit, the ordinary people have spoken. Hillary lost it when she described Trump supporters as “Deplorables”. She doesn’t understand the ordinary citizen and their doubts and fears.

Well Killary, like our so called elite, the people have spoken – they don’t want you, just as our people don’t want Europe.

The young so called educated are rioting, just as the same Westminster Bubble thinkers are doing all they can to delay Brexit. Bad news wankers, there is an uprising all over – including in Europe, and the world is changing – for the better.

The Political Elite are total cunts and they will be removed as they still do not get it.

That Emily Thornbury is still a cunt

So is Nicola Sturgeon

Nominated by: Big Al

The Westminster bubble

The Palace of Westminster, home to the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Here we go again. As some cunter said recently, there is a lot of activity on this site at present – the silent majority is no longer silent!!

The Westminster bubble is so far up its own arse the whole damn lot of them need a really good cunting. The Bubble includes all those smug politicians, the MSM, including uber cunts the BBC, the Remainer protesters, and all the other whiners. The new round of political elections merely serve to increase their excitement, when the rest of us really want to get on with Brexit.

Whether it was the Full Moon before the Brexit referendum, the New Moon last night, or whatever has got them wetting themselves, they are all cunts – when can Westminster be divorced from the rest of the sensible part of the country, please?

So here’s another thought for you fellow cunters……normally with a closish result in the Vote there is a call for a recount, so why did we not hear more calls for one? Could it be that that the Bubble tried to rig the result with postal votes, and despite this, the cunts still lost? After all, many parts of the country had in excess of 60% for Brexit. A recount would have exposed them for the utter cunts and frauds they are.

Come back Oliver Cromwell when we need you…….

Nominated by: Big Al

Politicians [2]


Lets face it, all politicians are cunts, professional cunts, and you don’t vote for the one you like the most, you vote for the one you despise the least.

The problem we now have is because reasonable people have not taken reasonable measures to address the issues such as migration and terrorism, people will vote for unreasonable people who will use unreasonable measures. 1930s Germany anyone?

I heard today that one of Jeremy Corbens’ fucktard women said that we should sit down and have a cup of tea with isis! You first love, you will be so full of jihadi cum you could be the worlds first portable sperm bank.

All cunts…….

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

Philip Hammond


Philip Hammond (Foreign Secretary) is a mega-cunt.

He moans at Russia, Syrian Govts. ally) for attacking anti-Assad forces as this helps ISIL, or whatever the fuck they’re called this month. He says fuckall about Turkey/Erdogan (our NATO ally) bombing the shit out the Kurds wherever he can get at them be it in Syria or Turkey, when it’s pretty much accepted that the most effective anti-ISIL force is the Kurds. Mind you Asasd’s a cunt as well (and Putin) , if he had any sense he’d make enough concessions to the Kurds that it would make his life a bit simpler.

Having said that bring on more refugee/migrants to UK, eventually – Tories love ’em because they push up the rents for their buy-to-let demographic, labour love ’em so they can nick their postal vote.

A plague on both their houses

Nominated by: Frottom