Ian Hopkins

Greater Manchester Police chief Ian Hopkins is also a massive cunt, already trying to paint the peacfuls as victims with a reported rise in ‘hate crimes ‘most of these i suspect involves being called a paki or told to fuck off home. The same force that stood around with its thumb up its arse for years while muslim paedophile gangs went unchecked for years. Burnham and this fucker are made for each other.

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator

Keystone Kops


I’d like to nominate the cunt police “persons” who rudely ignore these pot smoking cunts when the stench in the air from the stuff is acrid! You wouldn’t need your sniffer dogs to locate the fuckers you idle twats!

No, that would be too much work for the cunts. Instead they choose to walk past and through the malaise of brown smoke emanating from the car park, into the Co-op and back out with their £3.25 “Meal Deal” to be consumed down by the canal side – just on the off chance there are any speeding barges drifting by.

I’d also like to cunt these keystone cops on another thing: how come you never see the cunts pull a van with PL or RO on the number plate even though they go tear-arsing through “enforced” 50mph zones at 80 and yet low and behold when they clap eyes on my insured, mot’d and roadworthy vehicle they take great pleasure in stopping me for doing 67mph in a 60 zone (when you’d get off with 66mph – 10% tolerance) whilst lurking out of site with a radar gun?

I’ll tell you why, pulling a PL or RO motor is a lot of work. Pulling decent folk is easy money.

Lazy cunts!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

Protecting Eddie Izzard


The plod who nicked the bloke who snatched the mincing ponce Ediie Izzcunt’s pink beret is a cunt.

What a fucking waste of resources. Typical of plod though going for the easy target.

Surely a sensible reaction would have been to give him a warning and tell Izzard to stop making such a fuss and to fuck off. But no – up the steps he goes. Try getting plod to come out for anything these days is difficult to say the least but take a poofs hat and all hell breaks loose.

Perhaps this is the start of a new development in that plod are going to detect all crimes big or small. Not holding my breath on that one though.

Nominated by: Johnson

Burka police


Time to give the West Midlands Police force a cunting of epic proportions or is it more correct to use a collective term of a cuntery for all the fuckers there that are considering to allow the full Burka in order to increase their BME percentage. For fucks sake anything that’s running around in a full Burka is not going to be allowed out to work by it’s owner..

Nominated by: Dianne Abbott

West Midlands Police are due a weapons grade, nuclear bomb of a cunting. In a sign of how far up the arse of Islam the police have crawled, it’s been revealed today that West Mids Police are actually considering allowing female muslim officer to wear the burqa. Can you imagine the sight of a fucking blacked out tent, with a blue light stuck on its head, and utility belt, trying to arrest a drunk at 0430 on a Saturday morning?

Who the fuck at that police ‘service’ decided it would be a good idea to even suggest such a ridiculous thing? The police are already experiencing the lowest level of public trust and confidence since Sir Robert Peel first founded the police force. Now some overpaid tosser wants officers to have even LESS respect, by allowing a minority of its officers to dress like walking bin bags, when it isn’t even a religious requirement.

I’ve said more than once in the past that I can’t stand muslims. It comes from having been to many of their cuntries (no, that’s not a spelling mistake), and experiencing true muslim culture. Not to mention the bullets, bombs, mortars and fucking camel spiders. Anyway, I for one would NOT even consider obeying a thing dressed like a soot covered Pac Man ghost. I would not recognise the authority of such a ridiculously dressed moron.

And here’s another thing, the police are required by law to show their warrant cards and ID on request. What happens if a male member of the public does that? How do you confirm the identity of a thing that is wearing a garment specifically designed to hide the wearer’s identity? Will the soot covered Pac Man ghost refuse to show its ID? And will it remove its veil so that the face on the ID card can be matched to the face under the bag?

Personally, I can’t see it happening. But the fact that it’s even being considered shows that, senior police officers certainly, have completely lost the plot. There are tons of decent, honest plods out there. It’s time they started to up to their upper echelons and FORCING them to return to doing the job they are paid to do. Protect law abiding citzens, prevent crime where possible, bring criminals to justice when necessary. Those at the top of West Mids police have far more important things to do than think about allowing a very small minority to wear bedsheets rather than the proper police uniform.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Colette Paul


The cunt in charge of the Bedfordshire police wants to impose a zero tolerance for speeding on the M1. So 1mph over the limit and you get a £100 fine.

The reason, to reduce accidents and potential deaths you may think, which is the usual bollocks of an excuse they use for speed cameras? No this cunt has openly said and admitted its a cash generating scheme to raise lost revenue due to government cuts. I don’t know whether to applaud the cunt for at least telling the truth or call her a complete twat.

Stop harassing the motorist and start doing some proper plod work like nicking criminals.

Nominated by: Lord Swinging Balls