Automatic tipping


Automatic tipping is a cunt. Got a taxi the other day, fucking non English speaking paki as per fucking usual, car falling to bits and smelled like 3 week old kipper vindaloo, not only did the cunt not know my hotel ( big hotel ) he couldn’t even use the GPS he had or the radio to call dispatch for assistance. He took the millionaire option and phoned a friend and eventually we got there. Did he expect a tip? Yes he most certainly did and was very specific about it too, suddenly the cunt decided he did speak English after all; “You give 15%, I no go wrong way ” So the cunt expected a tip because he didn’t try to fuck me? Fuck off you cunt!

I have no objection to giving a good tip if I receive good service, but it has to be fucking good. Simply doing an OK job isn’t good enough. If you want a good tip, here it is; learn to fucking type you lazy cunt!

Nominated by: Fat Rich

I do a lot of cruising and it really gets up my nose when they add $10 per person per day ‘optional gratuity’ to my bill ‘for my convenience’. That’s a fucking lot of money on a three week trip!!!

I’ve never been embarrassed to ask them to remove it – sometimes several times before it actually happens! Include it in the upfront price and stop taking me for a cunt, you cunts!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Shaker Aamer

Shaker Aamer

Shaker Aamer deserves a cunting. So do the entire British media, for climbing right up his arse. Especially for constantly referring to the raghead cunt as British, when they know full well that he fucking isn’t. He’s Saudi Arabian. The fact his camel shagging wife has a British passport does not mean that he, or she for that matter, are British. As the Duke of Wellington is alleged to have said, “Just because one is born is a stable, it does not necessarily follow that one is a horse”.

Aamer first though. This cunt was picked up in Afghanistan in 2001. According to him he was doing good deeds for an Islamic charity, as you do in a war zone. And just like every other ‘charity worker’ who was captured in Afghanistan, who definitely were not terrorists. The thing is, none of the reports I’ve read mention Aamer’s friendship with Moazzam Begg, that other well known terrori…err…charity worker.

Begg apparently identified Aamer as an Al Qaeda recruiter, and said he had fought in Bosnia and had been a member of the jihadist group run by Abu Zubair al-Haili (a senior al-Qaeda terrorist from Saudi Arabia) and had among other things spent 30 days training on the AK-47 and rocket propelled grenades. Seven separate sources at Guantanamo also described Aamer’s connections to al-Qaeda.

Now Begg may have been lying, but SEVEN others too? The US believe that Aamer had visited Afghanistan as early as 2000, and was apparently observed travelling with the Mujahideen, and carrying a weapon. He came back to Britain and then moved his family to Afghanistan in the summer of 2001, before moving them to Pakistan in October 2001. He though, stayed, and is believed to have become a Sub-Commander with the Taliban, where he fought in the Tora Bora mountains. If that’s true then he and I may well have crossed paths, because I was in Tora Bora with my unit in 2001, fighting the Taliban. Naturally, I don’t have any proof. But if even a fraction of those allegations are true, then a dangerous terrorist has just been allowed to infest our country.

THAT is what landed on British soil in a private jet on Friday, which subsequently whisked away in a private ambulance, to see a private doctor on Harley Street. At British taxpayers expense. THAT is whose rectum our media have been falling over each other to climb up. It is this filthy piece of shit, who our government, current and previous have campaigned to have freed. It sickens me to think that I lost two of my best friends fighting a war against terrorists, and one has not only been allowed in, but treated like a fucking rock star. And just to add insult to injury, the cheeky cunt might actually sue us.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Paula Radcliffe [2]


Paula Radcliffe is a cunt.. She claims she feels like she has been “almost abused” by calls for her to release her blood data….The former British athlete, 41, says she has been implicated by a parliamentary hearing on blood doping, following a Sunday Times investigation…. Asked if freeing data would clear her, she said: “I don’t need to. I’m clean….”

First off, you are either abused or you aren’t…. There’s no such thing as almost abused… As I’m sure Savile’s victims and plenty of poor cunts in Rotherham will tell you… It’s just a typical over the top crybaby toys out of the pram can’t take any sort of questions or criticism whine….

Then “I don’t need to. I’m clean….” If you’re clean then you’ve got nothing to hide… If she has nothing to hide then why all the fuss? It’s her that’s making the noise… Methinks someone is worried about a very large can of juicy worms that might be opened..

Nominated by: Norman

You’re seriously telling me that the fastest woman to ever run a marathon distance in the history of athletics is from Cheshire?!

Not Ethiopia, not Kenya, not Somalia or Morocco……..Cheshire. Yeah, fuck off Paula you shitty arsed, 14 year old lanky boy bodied cunt.

Average as fuck until suddenly at the age of 29!!!! TWENTY-FUCKING-NINE! you miraculously become the greatest female distance runner the world the worlds ever seen? Pull the other one, it’s not covered in your street feces. Cunt.

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

The National Lottery

Won fuck all

When the National Lottery started all those years ago we started a syndicate at work, 10 of us all put in £2 each per week. For over 2 years (104 draws) we played, and of all those tickets we won £10 a mere 8 times and £60 once! (£140 return for £2080 in tickets!)

So I said fuck that, and stopped playing, 8 of them still play every week and they have still yet to win anything over 4 numbers.Mugs!

That’s bad enough and truly deserving of a cunting but there’s more…

I just went to the shop to get a paper and some tobacco, something in my mind told me to buy a ticket, I’ve not bought one for years, but wait! The cunts now want £2 per ticket and have increased the numbers from 1-49 to 1-59. WHAT THE FUCK!

So before you had fuck all chance of winning and now it seems you may as well just donate £2 to the National Lottery because those extra 10 numbers exponentially decrease you chances of even wining £10

I know gambling and lotteries are for mugs, but fucking hell, what a bunch of cunts who deserve cunting!

Nominated by: Boaby