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Age UK are cunts….

A mate of mine lost his girl (who he’d been with 11 years)l in a car crash only last year… He’s worked solid since he left school (He’s now 38), but after the crash he went to pieces and lost his job… Those soulless cunts at his local Jobcentre have shown him no understanding… They have teamed up with one of their other Tory collaborator bedfellows (Seetec, I think they’re called) and put him to work in a ‘charity shop’ called Age UK…

These cunts are basically ’employing’ a decent and honest man who needs grief counselling 9 to 5 for fuck all…

It’s not just that though, In my dinner hour (I work at the bottom of Deansgate) I went to Bury to pick something up, so I popped in to see him… He’s a shadow of his former self and seems lifeless.. And the shop? What a fucking shithole! Selling crap that nobody wants, and full of loonies, foreign cunts on the blag, and scrotes who stink of BO and piss…

Now, that’s bad enough, but his ‘boss’ is also a total bitch… I have witnessed her today barking at her ‘staff’ like Sybil Fawlty shouts ‘Basil!’ only worse… She talks to him (and others) like crap and how a bastard schoolteacher (we’ve all had’ em!) does to kids….

I’ve told him to just fuck them off and that his mates will look after him… But I think he just wants to get out of the house… He‘s too good for a dump like that… And Age UK – for exploiting vulnerable people and being up Duncan Smith’s arse – are utter cunts and a plague on their so-called ‘charity’…


Nominated by: Norman

Britain Stronger in Europe

stronger in europe

Project Fear has been rolled out again with the lies and spin being put out by arch cunt Stuart Rose over at ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’

And if that’s not enough, the cheeky cunts have the audacity to send out unsolicited emails explaining how important the decision will be and how it’s even more important that we donate £10 (or more) to the fighting fund to keep the UK in the rotten cuntfest that is the Fourth Reich.

The bastards in the Reich get £1.91 a day off me already through my taxes and now BSE want me to give them money so they can carry on taking more money off me.

It’s a monumental piss take. I want my £1.91 back!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Londons Biggest Street Party


I would like to cunt “Londons Biggest Street Party”

Ok So, lets all put in 150 Quid – and go join Wills, Kate and Harry to Celebrate Grans 90th. The richest family in England, charging the ones that pay them 150 to join a 90th birthday celebration?

My Grandmother turned 90 a few years back. She is blissfully resting now but no cunt paid 150 to come see her. And she would have both turned up and cooked if they did.

Maybe ISAC should book a whole table, for all to show up and let the real comments fly. Id love to see that on the BBC.

Nominated by: King Cunt

London’s Biggest Street Party – £150 a pop with all proceeds to Peter Philips’ event organising company on a non-profit making basis…

…after he’s paid himself a fucking great big salary of course!

Comes to something when the richest family in the land has to stick its snout in the trough!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Ticket touts [2]


Ticket sites are undisputed cunts…

A matter of hours after Stone Roses tickets went on sale those bastards at are flogging them well over their face value… If someone does this outside Old Trafford they are viewed as a tout… And that’s all these sites like Ticketmaster and Get Me In are: just touts who want to hoover up as much money as possible…

The band themselves could find a better way and help stop fans getting ripped off… Didn’t Led Zeppelin in their early years used to sell their tickets through their fan club and therefore their fans got first pickings and at face value? I like The Roses as a band and as people… I just hope they don’t turn into another Eagles: just doing their greatest hits for enormous amounts of cash…

The upcoming gigs are also at The Etihad Stadium…. Fuck that… Surely the Arena would have been a better venue?

Nominated by: Norman