Kate Moss


Supposed “Supermodel” and walking toothpick with eyeballs Kate Moss is a cunt.

Not content with bullying recovering stroke victim Andrew Marr out of his coffee shop seat (No fan of the man but strokes can get ANY poor cunt!) the malnourished shitbag has got herself pissed up on an Easyjet flight (whilst returning from a stretch of rehab no less) and drunkenly abused passengers, flight crew and the (female) pilot. No doubt with the timeless classic screech of “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” It’s pretty obvious WHAT you are my dear.

Anyone who would abuse a pilot trying to control several hundred tons of metal and aviation fuel carrying passengers who might actually have worked for a living is an absolute cunt of terrifying proportions.

Mrs Bastard is 52 and she looks better than you from every angle and has the benefit of a pleasant personality to go with it. Fuck off and get a bloody sandwich, you skinny, emaciated, overrated, overgrown playground bully, coke fiend, fag ash Lil and consummate CUNT!!

Nominated by: Mr Bastard

St Patrick’s Day

Irish yoga

St Patrick’s Day is the biggest cunt in the universe.

From shit pubs to shit “stout” Oirland has given us many things, and St Paddy’s Day is the absolute pits. Every March 17th plastics up and down England get to get dead drunk, shout, swear and sing “rebel songs” from the comfort of a town centre pub, safe in the knowledge Al-Qaeda or ISIL won’t gut them, a guarantee only made true by the hard work of British security services (which they say they hate).

And such is the hypocrisy on display when these lazy ass bastards, who profess to love Oiiirlannnd so much they can’t even be arsed to fuck off and live there and prefer instead to live here and mouth off about how much they “hate the fucking English”.

So we sensible folk look on, pity in our eyes, as these sad bastards – who profess to love their “spiritual home” so much yet will never know the joy of living there – make complete tits of themselves in naff green costumes serenaded by faux-traditional “music”.

One of the worst things about living in England is all the shit foreign customs we get to be “enriched” by, and St Paddy’s Day is the best (worst) example of that.

Nominated by: Colin Murray’s Brain

The fucking bogtrotters export their tedious national day and crappy stout all over the world. What amazes the fuck out of me is how non-Irish cunts lap it all up. Our own national day (Waitangi) passes by with nary a mention. Likewise St. Georges Day or American Independence.

But say the magic words ” St. Patrick” and presto fucking changeo every cunt suddenly thinks they’re in Dublin. Fake, boring and coming to a bar near you soon.

Nominated by: Kiwicunt

Rabbie Burns

Rabbie Burns

Burns night – haggis & turnips, tartan and bagpipes, lashings of cheap blended whisky, and a bunch of pretentious fuckwits spouting incomprehensible drivel in an archaic barbarian dialect. Just another day in Scotland, then.

That Tam O’Shanter was a cunt, too.

Nominated by: cuntybaws



What’s with these cunts?

Nothing better to do than to post shit comments on blogs just to piss off the author. I’ve had my share lately, and all I have to say is “Fuck the fucking fuck off, you fuckers!”

Definitely cunts.

Nominated by : Dioclese