Pay Day Loan Companies


Any Pay Day Loan Company’…is a Cunt, via a retrospective Cunting of Oliver Cromwell.

Why Old Nol? For letting the jewish money lenders back in to the cuntry in 1657. Yea gods and little fishes did he think Eddy I kicked them out for the good of his health in 1290? No! He kicked them out because they made money from nothing, lots of money, from usurious interest rates on loans, or as we know it today: Pay Day Lending -1750% APR- if yer lucky. But Wait. If you go a penny overdrawn at say: Barclloydshaghifax and have several direct debits and standing orders, should these fall due while you are in a one penny unapproved overdraft situation then boy are you in for an even bigger kicking. (>7500% in one report) What’s the feckin difference? Where’s the fekin justice? Hang on. Didn’t some beardy, left wing, sandal wearing, do-gooding son of a virgin start the ball rolling two thousand years ago by kicking the money lenders out. Why haven’t the fekin God-botherers sorted the Cunts? Fuck me! Will we never learn?

Where was I? Ah yes: Cromwell…So Cromwell helped Solomon Dormido get his feet under the table at the exchange ► Jim II. wouldn’t legitimize the yidd bastard ► so Jim was ousted by Willy III. ► who took their finance. ► Bank of England established 1694 ► Loaned money for Willy’s new Navy ► National debt ► Blah, blah, bollox, bollox, & Bob’s yer fathers brother, the rest is then history with a lot of noughts till we find ourselves in the de-regulated financial shitswamp we have today thanks, finally, to that stupid bitch thatcher giving head to the City Yuppies, sorry, giving the City Yuppies their head. Simplistic? Maybe, cuntvelouted? certainly, but remember this: Edward the 1st Edict of Expulsion is still on the statute books so each and every Red Sea Pedestrian now abode in England is an illegal immigrant. However, I’m here to get the pay day lenders, so:

You fucking blood sucking immoral Cunts who would make loan sharks look like heaven sent Cherubs:

Pay day lending companies you…is a Cunt (As me bros would say; pizzle init dawg!)

No I don’t know either.

Nominated by: King Cnut