Online gambling [2]


Only a cunt of monumental proportions of idiocy would gamble online. I don’t give two shits from a tramp’s arsehole what anyone says but it’s fucking fixed. It’s a fucking computer game for fuck’s sake!

Now the cunts working for these online casino’s would have you believe that the odds of winning are *exactly* the same as playing a real bandit, game of bingo, being at a poker school…FUCK OFF!

I used to play computer games in the 80’s on a speccy, C64 and Amiga and the cunts used to pride themselves on making sure there was no way you could win.

Nowadays the games makers have different difficulty levels and that’s why you hear of some hipster cunt don’t the next Cunt of Duty game in 2hrs – cos he had it on snowflake mode where the opposition’s grenade launcher cause a minor scratch and your guy’s pea-shooter inflicts damage like a tactical nuke!

I bet these 80’s programmers are doing the casino games now, and no cunt wins, except on that first *free* £10 quid bet. I bet you win on that one and then when you pump £20 in of your own moolah that disappears, or down to the last fiver and then they’ll let you win £5 quid.

That’s why every cunt has to register in order to gamble. *They* say that’s so they can be *transparent* but actually there are some fucking cutting edge trend analysis algorithms making sure the idiots get fleeced but made to feel like they’re winning or stand a chance of breaking even.

One cunt at work won £1,000 on a computerised poker game. And of course he cashed it in and spent it wisely didn’t he….er, no, a week later he was £500 quid down (including the grand he’d won). Why is that? Cos the algorithm said: “If this cunt wins a big hand he’ll blow that and some on top within a week!”

The thing that really makes this fool stand out as a Class ‘A’ cunt was the fact that he told his fucking wife! Great if he was going to draw it and buy a new carpet or blow it on a weekend away or summat but no, tells her and THEN blows it + £500 quid.

What a cunt of cunt proportions!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

Online gambling


I have to say I think online casinos and the fucking million of fucking ads deserve a good cunting.

To keep almost constant casino/gambling ads to be televised means there must be no shortage of retarded fuckers who keep feeding them money. There is a well known saying that says the house always wins fuckers and it’s true gambling retards who keep it funded. You would be better off making more effort at your day job. You will be better off in the long run…

Nominated by: Fuglyucker