The BBC [8]

Emergency cunting for the BBC,
So the cunts have published their ‘Top’ stars earnings (how much they pay the cunts with licence payers money).
I personally don’t give a fuck as I have never and will never pay these cunts a penny (although I do enjoy a few of their programmes) but paying Chris Evans over two million and other ‘Stars’ ridiculous amounts shows the cunts for the cunts they are.
What will happen? People will have a moan and carry on as normal.
Typical of a country full of too many sheep like ‘Do as your told’ cunts.
What a pile of cunt, with a piece of cunt on top.
The cunts.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt


I’ve noticed that Allah has never been cunted on this site. Is he out of bounds then? If not, then has there ever been a more appropriate moment to cuntify the biggest villain of all sky fairies and his demented followers who take offence to everything and show responsibility for nothing?

By ‘never a more appropriate time’ I do of course mean with the exception of the Lee Rigby attack in May 2013, the Westminster attack in March 2017, the London Bombings in July 2005, the rape of over a thousand children across the last decade and the dozens of other ‘lesser’ assaults and savagery we have had to endure at the hands of the media’s most favoured religion.

As Voltaire once said “”To learn who rules over you, pay attention to those you cant criticize.” And as Allah said in response: “Kill the filthy Infidel, kill, kill, kill!”

Nominated by Megacunt



Do Foxes eat Cats? Or more rather can they be trained to like feline meat?

I’m fucking fed of the neighbours cats shitting on the front street (in the piles of gravel that council workers can’t be arsed to sweep up no less) so that I can’t have the windows open in the front of the house, because on a hot day the cat shit stinks.

And I can’t sit in the back garden because the little cunts have tag team shitting contests in my herbaceous borders, which also smell ripe on a hot day.

I’m not allowed to poison them, or take them over to Derbyshire. Old Reynard and family like the bins but there can’t be much sustenance in them, maybe I could just fillet a few kitties and give him a taste for them…

Nominated by: The Captain

James McClean [2]


James McClean deserves a total cunting!

This two faced bastard deplores the evil English. Turns his back on its flag but still manages to live among the people he despises and feed his family with money depicting the Queen he so much hates. He lives within the realm of this self imagined dictator of hate to his bog trotting brethren. Did not have the balls to do it at home in front of his own fans against his mortal enemy, in case his bosses got upset and banned him for bigotry, which brings me to ask would he boycott the FA cup final if he was ever to reach it (because we play the National Anthem he hates.) I bet my bollocks he would not and his own self interest would rise to the surface .

Fuck off back to to where you come from mate,go fuck kids with priests,plant spuds with eyes in or make bombs! you CUNT…

Nominated by: Toryboy

Kanye West


If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden and Kanye West, I would shoot Kanye West twice…

Funny to see all them wankstains at Glastonbury: all those white English folk singing along to Kanye Kunt’s set, and then all the furtive looks and awkwardness when it came to the ‘N’ word….

Nominated by: Norman