Nicola Sturgeon (13)

Nicola Sturgeon – again!

The SNP government has ruled the union jack should no longer be raised for the Queen’s birthday at dozens of public buildings.

It had been hoisted at key official and heritage sites 15 days a year to mark royal birthdays and anniversaries. But a proposed rule change will allow it to be used only once a year, on Remembrance Day.

The rainbow flag – the symbol of the gay community – will be flown for four days a year. FFS! It’s not going to make gays vote for you and it’s going to piss off your core Glaswegian beers swilling hard boy supporters – so serves you right.

Officials wanting to hoist the Union banner were warned they would need Sturgeon’s permission.

The decision, which she has ratified, was last night branded ‘churlish and stupid’.

…which just about sums up our favourite haggis munching cunt

Nominated by Dioclese.

Nicola Sturgeon (12)

Emergency cunting for Nicola Sturgeon.

It seems the net is closing as the world is becoming aware of the child trafficking, rape and prostitution going on in her constituent area of Govanhill in Glasgow right under her nose for god knows how long…

Derelict in her duty and should be out of office immediately.
She preaches the child protection and child poverty issues being her top priority.

Every word from her skinny lips is a potential and likely lie.

Nominated by Basement Bob.

Nicola Sturgeon (11)

Another candidate among the runners and riders for COTY 2017.

I would like go nominate Nicola Sturgeon for a cunting.

She’s a cunt
She’s a vindictive cunt
She’s a fuckwit cunt
She’s an ugly cunt
She’s a Braveheart believing cunt
She’s a poisonous cunt
She’s a cunt
She’s a stupid cunt
She’s an ignorant cunt
She’s an English hating cunt
She’s a cunt
She’s a cunt
And she’s a cunt.

And every other cunt that voted for a second referendum is a cunt.

Hang them all.

Nominated by birdman.

That venomous circus act cunt, Wee Burney Sturgeon should be tarred and feathered… The toxic ape-like dwarf is now saying that Madame May’s rejection of a second Scottish Referendum is ‘undemocratic (told you Tess was gunning for Wee Krankie breath!)’…

And the wee witch refusing to accept the democratic results of the 2014 independence referendum and also Brexit isn’t undemocratic in any way?…

Fucking hypocritical shaved monkey, gloryseeking, vindictive, utterly evil corrosive dwarf cunt cunt cunt!

Nominated by Norman.

Nicola Sturgeon [9]


I’m allergic to a certain Scotish politician. I would name her but even typing out her name brings me out in a nasty rash. Seeing her bulldog liking piss off a nettle face makes me projectile vomit and even short exposure to her whine of a voice could put me in a comma. I’m only greatfull I’m unlikely to have to smell it as that would mean instant death.

Sky news need to be cunted on two counts. Firstly for giving the poisonous little cunt so much coverage. Anyone would think it is an influential world figure, it is not! It actually represents fewer people than the mayor of London. Secondly they need to warn viewers when they are going to show it onscreen like they do when there is something potentially upsetting or flash photgraphy. This is a serious medical condition and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has to struggle through life under such a burden.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

Nicola Sturgeon [10]


Sturgeon’s off again and warrants another nomination. The Scottish Government (aka SNP) has today published a paper predicting Scottish GDP to be between £1.7bn and £11.2bn per year lower by 2030 as a result of Brexit. It is based on a whole load of studies carried out by the Project Fear brigade before the referendum that only a cunt would still believe in.

Here’s an idea to boost GDP, Crankie – how about stop whining and go and get some trade deals? How about make Scotland more attractive to inward investment by resigning? How about reversing the decline in Scotland’s educational system since the SNP got into power? How about reducing public sector jobs in favour of private sector jobs? And how about accepting that we voted as the UK and the result, therefore, applies equally to all parts of the UK?

Hard to let go of the teat though, eh?

Nominated by: Harry Axwound