Jeremy Corbyn [9]

Corbyn is a big egotistical cunt and on his demise I will pour myself the biggest Jack Daniels ever. Even though the cunt may have made a video for the armed forces, on armed forces day, it still doesn’t excuse the fact the hippy fuckster would have rather been at that shite festival than attending Liverpool or any other event the cunt was invited to. I loathe the cunt and his followers with passion and I do fear for the future of this country, if by some chance he were PM. May gets me more annoyed and angrier day by day, but I would still rather have that useless split arse than him. Cunts, the lot of them.

On a brighter note I was having a tea in a cafe today and I saw a massive pair of tits in a tight white shirt. Good job the Mrs wasn’t with me at the time.

Nominated by Gingers Ballsack

Yoko Ono [3]


Q : What’s small, yellow and lives off dead beetles?

A: Yoko Ono.

Generally speaking I would normally be against drilling massive holes into the water table and filling them with noxious shit, but if Yoko doesn’t like it I think we should press on regardless, she is such a pretentious, up her own arse, slitty eyed cunt.

Nominated by: Termujin

Also knows fuck all about music

Nominated by: ChasCMusic

I fucking hate that fucking Nip, Yoko Ono. Talentless cunt with a face that would worry rats. Shame her parents weren’t hanging around ground zero, Nagasaki in August 1945.

Nominated by: Flaxen Saxon