Jeremy Corbyn [9]

Corbyn is a big egotistical cunt and on his demise I will pour myself the biggest Jack Daniels ever. Even though the cunt may have made a video for the armed forces, on armed forces day, it still doesn’t excuse the fact the hippy fuckster would have rather been at that shite festival than attending Liverpool or any other event the cunt was invited to. I loathe the cunt and his followers with passion and I do fear for the future of this country, if by some chance he were PM. May gets me more annoyed and angrier day by day, but I would still rather have that useless split arse than him. Cunts, the lot of them.

On a brighter note I was having a tea in a cafe today and I saw a massive pair of tits in a tight white shirt. Good job the Mrs wasn’t with me at the time.

Nominated by Gingers Ballsack

Valerie Solanos


Fillies need to live a little. However the whole wimmins rights thingy is such a bore these days. Back in the 60′s and ugly slapper name of Valerie Solanos started S.C.U.M – the Society for Cutting Up Men. Amazed to find out it it still around in various forms.

Ms Solanos main claim to fame is an attempt to kill Andy Warhol in 1968 so the filly aint all bad. Unfortunately being typically female she muffed it.

To see some Swedish slappers having a little girly fun, click here. Total cunts!

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

( Thankfully, the bitch is a dead cunt. Ed. )

Harriet Tubman


Harriet fucking Tubman, (An American Historical Cunting) revered in America for fighting against slavery and equal rights for woman seemingly a fucking Saint.

But no a Cunt, in fact a proper fucking cunt. First she was a fucking criminal (An escaped fucking Slave no less) who conspired to thieve other slaves with gay abandon.
Secondly she was a total and utter fucking loon who suffered seizures, various types of spack attacks and thought she could talk to God.

In short a fucking witch type of cunt. Finally she was a fucking ugly ditch pig of a woman, a true Stegosaurus type of split arsed cunt.

Nominated by : Ollie Burtons Grandad